13 Mar 2024

“I don’t think Liberty is a top-3 team” says VKS SeeEl

A Procuracy it’s at Liberty faced each other in the 15th round of CBLOL 2024. After the game with most kills of the split (61), the victory went to Liberty and at the press conference, the coach SeeEl and Procuracy told his impressions of the rival team.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

VKS SeeEl at the press conference

At the press conference, we asked VKS SeeEl if he considers Liberty to be in the top-3 of CBLOL 2024, and what the coach’s impressions were. Check the answer:

I think what the Liberty coaching staff and the team are doing is very smart. They play to their strengths, but I don’t think they are currently one of the best, even though they are on a seven-game winning streak.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

First of all, I think the team is very one-dimensional in what they can do, today, for example: I think they only had one victory condition. We just had to not die top and they wouldn’t be able to breathe in the bot, and they wouldn’t play the game. But we changed the wave bounce, and we played the sidelane very badly.

VKS Coach SeeL
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Overall, I think what Liberty are doing is incredibly smart, but I wouldn’t classify them as a top-3 team.

Check the game numbers

In fact, VKS and Liberty, in addition to being the people’s clash, was one of the most disputed games of the split. To not miss anything about CBLOL 2024, just follow the complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 1st split with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports!

Check out some numbers from the match between Procuracy e Liberty:

Sergio Fiorini

published in March 10, 2024


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