14 Mar 2024

Azir has a bizarre appearance percentage in competitive

LoL has already released several champions that have become the priorities no competitivebut the Azure is reigning the mid throne in a bizarre way. Champion was released in 2014, but it appears that now the Emperor of Shurima live your best competitive moment!

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Non-competitive Azir numbers

As much as we have focused a lot on K’Sante this year, Azir’s competitive numbers are not far behind. Until the release of this article, the Emperor of the Sands was chosen 1.040 times and banned in 664 opportunities, totaling 70% competitive presence around the world.

By these numbers, Azir is the champion most popular from mid competitive!

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Is Azir just popular or is it also effective?

Azir currently has 52% of victory in the competitive, that is: they are 538 victories. For comparison purposes, second place in terms of competitive presence is Orianna, with 64% of presence and only 342 victories.

The pigeon flies in the hands of the best

The fact that the champion has 70% of appearances is surreal, but this number grows even more if we analyze Azir only in major leagues.

In this cut, Azir has 78.7% of appearance, being 134 bans and 255 choices. The champion won 50.6% of the games in which he was chosen.

Image to illustrate Azir's bizarre percentage in the major region
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Community reacts to Azir’s competitive numbers

The matter reached reddit, as a complaint, but there was also a defense for Azir, check out the criticism that sparked the debate:

Like, what’s going on with Azir? He was dominant in competitive before and was nerfed. Now he’s just going to be meta forever or what? And yes, it has almost 80% presence worldwide, that’s insane. It might be really cool to play/watch Azir competitively, but there are 150 other champions in the game. Let us see some variety in the competition, please!

And in response, another user started a debate in favor of Azir:

Honestly, Azir deserves to be at that level and here are some points: Azir is much more interesting to watch than Senna, K’sante, Yuumi or Corki and the vast majority of champions; I truly believe that Azir and Taliyah have the most perfect designs for the competitive community to watch and engage with, and it took a long time for them to be balanced; Azir is one of the champions with the greatest competitive expression. All wizards should head in this direction

And you: which side are you on? Does Azir deserve to have these numbers or is it past time to nerf him?

I personally enjoy the leveled game! So for me, I have to keep it that way and buff other champions!

In the photo, Azir, who was chosen by DK Showmaker and made a tank!
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games


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