14 Mar 2024

T1 is beaten by Gen.G and loses winning streak

A T1 lost the lead in LCK 2024 to your tormentor: Gen.G. The last time T1 lost was precisely in the first game of the competition, on January 17th, the difference this time was the run over da Gen.G.

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

No kills for T1, run over by Gen.G

In the first game of the MD3 series, T1 failed to get a kill on the current LCK champion, Gen.G. The highlight was Chovy, who shined with Ahri who is increasingly in the meta! Check the numbers:

T1 tries in game 2, but Gen.G Peyz closes the coffin

T1 again played on equal terms in the 2nd match, but Gen.G’s ADC was inspired and brought victory to the team with a Kalista Lethality! Check out the match numbers:

2024 LCK Playoff Showdown

Both teams are already qualified for the LCK 2024 playoffs, alongside HLE and dominate the LCK. Does today’s victory demonstrate that regional dominance will continue with Gen.G?

Photo: Reproduction/LCK Flickr

Maintaining the parish

With today’s victory, the Gen.G is undefeated against T1 there are 7 series, the last defeat being at the 2023 MSI. The team of Chovy and Peyz is once again trying to defend their title, and it is worth remembering that T1 was unanimously considered champion in the players’ predictions.

In the photo the Gen.G players who won T1 once again
Photo: Reproduction/LCK Flickr

Follow T1 and Gen.G in the final stretch of LCK 2024

To tune in to all the emotions of LCK 2024, and so you don’t miss any of the best clashes, just click on Ericat’s live stream, access it!

Image of Gen.G players at LCK 2024
(Image: Disclosure/LCK)
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published in March 9, 2024


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