15 Mar 2024

understand what the MOBA attribute is

Despite being a relatively simple game to play and learn, League of Legends has many statuses that influence and can even decide the outcome of a match, and one of them is the Tenacity. You know what it is Tenacity in LoL? We will explain it to you quickly and easily!

What is Tenacity in League

Tenacity is one of LoL’s “Defense” attributes, and reduces the effect time of group controls, slows, roots, stuns, among other skills.

You know when you take that Q from Morgana and it seems to last forever? Poise, Tenacity serves to reduce the time you are trapped in it and other skills.

Tenacity can reduce the duration of Morgana’s Q, for example. (Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Additionally, the reduction is done at the moment the skill is cast, so even if you gain more Tenacity before the crowd control hits you, it will have no effect on the final calculation.

Does tenacity in League reduce any type of crowd control effects?

Skills that cause air launch, blindness, suppression, knockdown effects or even leave the target invulnerable (ult from Lissandra, from the Bard), are not affected by Tenacity.

How to gain Tenacity in LoL

It is possible to have Tenacity in LoL with items, Elixir, champion skills, Runes and even Summoner Spells. Check out:

Tenacity Items in LoL

  • Steps of Mercury (Boot) – Gives 30% Tenacity;
  • Limit of reason – Gives 20% Tenacity
  • Sterak signal – Gives 20% Tenacity

Champions with Tenacity ability

  • We are – your W for Tenacity;
  • Million – your R gives Tenacity for a few seconds;

Talents that give Tenacity in LoL

  • Legend: Tenacity – Precision Tree
  • Rune Shards – 3rd slot gives Tenacity

Elixir that gives Tenacity

Summoner spells that give Tenacity

Game buffs

  • Quimtec Dragon – Gives Tenacity based on stacks
The Mercury Steps item is the most used by players to gain a little Tenacity in LoL (Image: Disclosure/LoL)

The math of Tenacity in League

The tenacity calculation formula is designed to prevent a champion from becoming completely immune to control effects by accumulating too much tenacity.

This is achieved through a calculation method that uses the product of the complements of the reduction percentages. Here is a simplified example of how toughness is calculated:

  • Each toughness source is converted into a reduction fraction. For example, 30% toughness becomes 0.3.
  • To calculate the total effect of various toughness sources, you subtract each fraction from 1 (which represents 100%), multiply the results together, and then subtract the final result from 1 again.

Let’s use an example with two toughness sources, one at 30% and the other at 20%, to illustrate this:

  • First source of toughness: 30% → 0.3 (in fraction)
  • Second source of toughness: 20% → 0.2 (in fraction)


  1. Convert the percentages to 1’s complements: (1 – 0.3) = 0.7 and (1 – 0.2) = 0.8.
  2. Multiply the complements: 0.7 * 0.8 = 0.56.
  3. Subtract the result from 1 to obtain the total reduction: 1 – 0.56 = 0.44 or 44%.

This means that, instead of simply adding 30% and 20% to get 50% toughness, the calculation leads to a total of 44% toughness when these are combined.

This calculation method ensures that even with multiple sources of tenacity, there is a diminishing return, preventing champions from becoming overly resistant to crowd control effects.

Is there a way to have negative Tenacity?

If having a certain percentage of Tenacity reduces the time of group controls, then if you can have negative Tenacity, this group control will last longer than normal, right? The answer is yes!

But don’t worry, only two things in the game can make your Tenacity negative:

  • Ornn’s W or his Ult, which apply the passive “Living Forge“. This passive reduces Tenacity, and if you have little or none of the status, it will be negative, resulting in group controls for longer;
  • Anathema Chains: Reduces the Tenacity of a target chosen by the Item holder.

Now that you know in detail what Tenacity is, you can better prepare for your ranked matches, or even focus on that enemy champion who doesn’t have any of the status!

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