21 Mar 2024

“Don’t play with me” says Kanye West to streamer Kai Cenat

Things got heated between the singer and producer Kanye West and the record-breaking streamer on Twitch: Kai Cenat. The reason for THIRD would have been an interpretation of the Kanye West that he was being mocked by Kai Cenat.

Photo: Reproduction/Twitch

Treaty between Kanye West and Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat got into a fight with Kanye West during a Twitch stream. The streamer received some clothing from Kanye’s new YZY line. However, when he tried to wear the sweatpants, they were considerably larger than he expected and he ordered a size smaller.

Kai then paraded around the room while demonstrating the noticeable pant size difference to his viewers, and all in a humorous manner.

Kanye West was enjoying the game

Kai’s stream continued, and a little later his chat announced that Kanye West had sent him a DM on Instagram and that he had printed the message and posted it on his own stories. Below is Kanye’s message:

Don’t make fun of my clothes. You don’t say anything about these clothes that Adidas makes. When the song Vultures aired, you didn’t hear my verse. You are controlled. Do not play with me.

Kai Cenat still tried to defend himself, check out the streamer’s speech:

I got it, brother, but I didn’t make any jokes when I opened the order. I loved it as soon as I opened it. All I did was demonstrate that I didn’t fit. No jokes, so much so that I immediately asked for a new piece.

However, West showed resistance:

So you didn’t do anything wrong? I was emotional for no reason?

And after Kai Cenat responded with a “yes”, the rapper was more aggressive:

“Fuck you, you fucked me up. You are just a pawn”

The singer and producer concluded.

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Photo: Reproduction/Social Network
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