21 Mar 2024

“You can only learn by losing, and I’ve already lost a lot” says TL Umti

The competitive scenario can be very cruel at times and the Umti, jungler and Team Liquidtold in an interview why he Never give up. The player mentioned that the defeat it is a apprenticeshipand he has already lost a lot and that’s why he doesn’t give up.

Photo: Reproduction/LCS Flickr

“You only learn by losing, and I’ve already lost a lot”

In an interview with the portal Dexertothe Team Liquid player shared how he has so much resilience in his career:

I believe that players only learn after losing. Like, you may feel down, you may feel like you’re failing, but if you don’t put aside the most important things and learn from that, focusing on just learning from that, that will be the fuel for you to go further. So, there’s no need to be depressed, but you have to be a little angry

Photo: Reproduction/LCS Flickr

The player also used his competitive winning percentage as this resilience engine:

It’s a heavy situation. If you get really pissed off, you can just say, “Oh, my teammates are shit.” But, you need to maintain self-control. I learned a lot of things playing seven years in Korea and most of them were lost. I know, for example, that my win percentage is horrible, like 35%. So, I spent 65% of my life as a professional learning.

Finished Umti, jungler from Team Liquid. It’s a tough mentality, but perhaps it’s the best way to see the “good side” of defeat without romanticizing it. Faker himself already said, when he talked about what happiness should be for a professional player, about the importance of knowing how to enjoy the process.

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Team Liquid Umti
Photo: Reproduction/LCS Flickr
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published in March 20, 2024


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