31 Mar 2024

2nd split will add two new teams

O CBLOL Academy 2024 will continue to expand in the second split of 2024 and will feature two new vacancies, increasing the number of teams from 12 to 14. The adjustment seeks to provide even more opportunities for the base category of the Brazilian League of Legends scene.

Qualifiers open for the two new teams

The inclusion of two new teams will occur through Open Qualifiers, scheduled for the second half of April. These qualifiers will be organized in collaboration with Liga GG.

Dates and formats of the CBLOL Academy 2024 2nd split qualifiers

Interested teams will face four days of competition in each of the two qualifiers scheduled for the month of April. See the dates:

  • 1st qualifier: April 20th to 23rd;
  • 2nd qualifier: April 27th to 30th;

The format of the qualifiers will be in MD3 (best of three matches), with the exception of the finals, which will be played in MD5 (best of five). The two teams that score the most points throughout the two qualifiers will take places in the CBLOL Academy 2024 2nd split.

(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL)

CBLOL teams can have a third team, if it is inclusive

It is worth remembering that Riot Games allows organizations already present in the CBLOL Academy to compete in the qualifiers with their inclusive teams, without the need to choose between different line-ups. This is one of several initiatives to promote inclusion and development of the esports scene.

CBLOL Academy 2024 1st split still underway

While teams can now register for the 2nd split qualifiers, the CBLOL Academy 1st split is still ongoing. paiN Gaming, Flamengo, FURIA, Vivo Keyd Stars, LOUD, Liberty, RED Academy e Kaboom are competing in the competition’s playoffs.

Follow complete coverage of the CBLOL Academy 2024 1st split with game calendar, results, statistics and other information here on More Esports!

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