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where to find Crystalports for fast travel?

There is no doubt that Dragon’s Dogma 2 It’s an incredible game, but its reputation took a huge hit after Capcom revealed its absurd microtransactions. Among the available DLCs is the possibility of purchasing a Cristalporto, which is the fast travel portal that you can place anywhere on the map in the game. Unfortunately, the presence of items like this in the title’s store led many people to believe that this purchase would be necessary to carry out the teleportation or that the item within the game would be very scarce.

The good news is that it’s very easy to get enough portals to place in all the key points on the map. Dragon’s Dogma 2. This can be done without resetting the game, since when you start New Game+, you have access to the portals again without losing the ones you have already conquered. To find out how to find Crystalports in Dragon’s Dogma 2, just check out our tips below!

Crystalfixed ports

The first Crystalports you will find will be the two fixed ones in the game, that is, the ones that will be in the same place for everyone and that cannot be relocated to other points. You will find the first in the city of Vernworth, one of the main locations in the game and where much of your journey will unfold in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can find the portal near the west exit of the city, as shown on the map below.

The first portal is found at the beginning of the game, in VernworthSource: Capcom/Reproduction

The second Cristalporto is in the village of Harve, a very important location to continue the main plot of the game. As you can see in the image below, the village is west of the city of Vernworth, as well as being somewhat isolated and surrounded by the sea. The purple icon represents the portal in question.

The second portal is in Harve, a village that you must visitSource: Capcom/Reproduction

These are the only fixed portals you will encounter during your first quest campaign. Dragon’s Dogma 2. For players on the path to completing the True Ending, there will be a few more fixed Crystalports that you will encounter naturally.

Where to find Portable Portable Ports

Now that you know where the permanent crystal ports of Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s time to hunt for portable portals that you can place in practically any point on the map. As I said before, they are relatively easy to find and it is possible to find at least 5 the first time you play.

1° Cristalporto

The first Crystalport is impossible to miss, as you receive it by completing a mandatory mission in the main plot. Just complete Captain Brant’s missions until you reach the quest “The Farce Banquet”. When you complete all stages of this mission, you will receive a Crystalport as a reward.

Completing this mission will advance the plot significantly.Completing this mission will advance the plot significantly.Source: Capcom/Reproduction

IMPORTANT: By completing this mission, you will advance the plot significantly and some side quests will become unavailable, even if you have already started them. Therefore, I advise you to get the Crystalport below first if you are in a big hurry to get the item.

2° Cristalporto

The second crystalport also arrives in the first part of your adventure in Dragon’s Dogma. When exploring the town of Vernworth, you will encounter an elf named Glyndwr near the weapons shop in the central square. He’ll ask for some advice and start a quest called “The Archery Trial.”

This is an easy mission to ignore early in the game, but it has a great reward.This is an easy mission to ignore early in the game, but it has a great reward.Source: Capcom/Reproduction

Just complete all the steps in this quest and you will receive a Haven Crystal from Glyndwr’s father.

3° Cristalporto

Your third Crystalport can be found with the Sphinx, a being that will challenge you with several riddles. To find it, you need to go to the “Mountain Temple”, which is marked in the image below. To get there, I passed through the “Ancient Battlefield” and then entered the “Cave of the End of the World” and passed through the “Corridor of Time”. To make things easier, all the locations I mentioned are represented by the cave icons in the photo. I put a red X on the caves that have nothing to do with the ones I mentioned.

The journey to the Sphinx is a bit long, but it's worth itThe journey to the Sphinx is a bit long, but it’s worth itSource: Capcom/Reproduction

When you encounter the Sphinx, do not attack it at all. Talk to her and choose the “Enigma of Madness” option and she will ask you to present the person you love most to her. Pick up your main pawn with the “Grab” button and take it to the Sphinx. Talk to her and you will be rewarded with a Harbor Crystal.

IMPORTANT: don’t leave the “Mountain Temple” yet, your next Cristalporto is also there!

4° Cristalporto

With your new Haven Crystal in hand, it’s time to get the next one, which is also acquired from the Sphinx and is the easiest to miss if you’re not paying attention. Talk to the Sphinx again and select the “Riddle of Conviction”, in which she will ask you to hand over her most valuable object.

Two riddles of the Sphinx guarantee you different CristalportosTwo riddles of the Sphinx guarantee you different CristalportosSource: Capcom/Reproduction

Give her the Cristalporto you just won and tell her that you are sure of your decision. She will return the item and reward you with a replica of it in the chest behind her. It is necessary to emphasize that she only duplicates the item you offered, so that is why this is the easiest Crystalport to lose in the game, after all, the player cannot give any other item to her.

A tip to make solving the next puzzles easier is to leave a Harbor Crystal in the “Mountain Temple”, as you can get it back after you finish them all.

5° Cristalporto

The last Crystalport you can acquire is in the “Temple of the Bay”, which you find when leaving the north of the city of Bakbattahl. You can check the exact location in the image below, but you don’t need to worry too much because you will necessarily come to this region if you want to complete the main plot of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

It is good to prepare the necessary amount of crystals before visiting the Bay TempleIt is good to prepare the necessary amount of crystals before visiting the Bay TempleSource: Capcom/Reproduction

When entering “Bay Time”, talk to Dracofilius, the only NPC present in this cave. He offers upgrades for your equipment and sells special items, including a Haven Crystal. The detail is that it does not accept gold, so you will have to use Serserpe Crystals as currency. These crystals drop from Draconians you fight throughout the game, even if they flee before being killed.

You can also purchase some Barca Stones hereYou can also purchase some Barca Stones hereSource: Capcom/Reproduction

The Harbor Crystal sold by Dracofilius costs 20 crystals and you will need another 15 to complete a main quest, so it is worth killing these dragons whenever possible, as the amount of crystals received is much greater in this case.

Where to place Cristalportos

Now that you have all the Crystalports you can get the first time you play Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s worth thinking about something very important: where to put all these portals? As we mentioned, you can relocate them at any time, so use this to your advantage depending on what might be most convenient in your current situation. We recommend the following locations:

Temporary locations:

The temporary locations we suggest are places that are convenient depending on what you need at the time and can have their portals removed without major problems.

  • The two Sphinx locations, first in the “Mountain Temple” and then in the “Border Temple”, as you may need this portal to solve some puzzles more easily
  • Melve, as there are several missions in and around the city. Can be avoided if you use the cart from east Vernworth
  • Retiro Point, where there are also numerous quests and important establishments. Can be avoided if you use the wagon from west Vernworth

Here is an example of how I used Crystalports for most of the gameHere is an example of how I used Crystalports for most of the gameSource: Capcom

Fixed locations:

The fixed locations we will suggest are places that are not so easily accessible, such as a cart or other portal nearby to make the journey on foot worthwhile. Therefore, our tip is to always leave a Cristalporto here.

  • City of Bakbattahl, preferably close to your residence for easy access to a bed and trunk
  • Garden of Spirits, the place where the elf Glyndwr takes you in the second stage of his quest. It is only possible to place the portal a little before the entrance to the place.
  • Volcanic Island, where there are many points of interest and some missions in the surrounding area

How to get Barca Stones

Of course, you still need the Bargestones to fast travel to these portals. These items are consumables, but can be purchased from various vendors, found in chests, received as quest rewards, and by collecting resources from monsters you have killed. In my experience, they are quite abundant, especially if you explore the map a lot, look for treasure and do side quests frequently.

In the case of sellers, just talk to everyone whenever you arrive in a new city and mark who sells the Barca Stones. This applies to local vendors or street vendors, as they will always sell the same items. The important thing is that they only sell one Barkstone at a time, for 10 thousand coins, and restock it after 3 days.

Item Mod

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing everything we’ve covered in this guide and just want to enjoy the game with unrestricted fast travel, we can recommend the Crazy Shop mod. This mod makes Vernworth’s main vendors sell Harbor Crystals, Bargestones, and many other rare items in large supply. Just keep in mind that everything still costs a lot of money in the game, so prepare your Arisen’s pockets.

Crazy Shop can be downloaded directly from Nexus Mods, but we recommend seeing what is needed to install it. Of course, this is an option only valid for PC players.

So, did you like these tips for finding Cristalportos and Pedras-Barca with ease? As you can see, most can be acquired at the beginning of the game and the quantity is enough to return to your points of interest without having to spend real money on the DLC, which only entitles you to a single extra Crystalport. Just don’t forget to leave your comment on Voxel’s social networks telling us what you think of Dragon’s Dogma 2!

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