03 Apr 2024

“We were surpassed in all aspects” says RED Kalec

Last Sunday (31/03), after being run over by LOUD up from RED of 3×0 us CBLOL 2024 playoffs, A sprouttechnician at RED, went to a press conference. There the coach gave many merits to the team LOUD.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

“We were surpassed in every aspect” says RED Kalec

In one of the first questions at the press conference, Kalec was asked what lessons he learned from the defeat. Check out the technician’s response:

It’s difficult to say what the main teachings were, after all there were so many things, I think we were surpassed in all aspects today. We have to watch more calmly, in addition to the players, we coaches were also focused. We will watch calmly and understand why we were so overcome, I still don’t have an answer now.

(Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)

Still responding about the confrontation, Kalec mentioned that he sees it as beneficial to lose early to LOUD. Check out:

I think, in fact, LOUD has only proven that it is very good, and having that experience at this point in the championship is beneficial. It’s better than facing LOUD later, for example. I think that looking calmly at all these games we will have a lot to learn to improve because I think that at the end of the day, no team punishes things like LOUD does.

RED returns to play on Friday

Not much time to rest, but RED will be back in the playoffs this Friday, and their rival will be KaBuM. Still to get in the way, CBLOL will undergo a patch change. Now patch adaptability will also be a determining factor for the best team.

In the photo, RED fans excited about the good phase
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
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