07 Apr 2024

SofM as support of VKE beats Levi’s GAM

After the unlikely return of VCS 2024this Wednesday (03/04) the confrontation between the two best players in the history of Vietnam took place: GAM Levi by VKE SofM. However, unlike the golden age, SofM played support – and still won the series.

SofM Support? Wasn’t he a jungler?

Legendary Vietnamese jungler SofM, who created the Lee Sin e Rengar Tank, and played end of world by Suning (LPL). SOFM’s last years as coach were brilliant: 4th place with Vietnam at the 2022 Asian Games, play-in final at the 2023 World Cup with Team Whales and currently 4th place in the VCS.

SOFM during Suning’s time.

However, with the punishment of 32 players, SofM had to fulfill the support role against the current league champions: GAMdo jungler Leviwhich has been a nightmare for Brazil in recent internationals.

Levi and SofM, a clash of generations

Since the departure of SOFM from Vietnam, the player who dominated the league – and at times even tormented the world – was GAM Levi. In today’s clash, SofM showed that it still understands what’s going on.

Playing two Karma games, SofM only died once and still managed to win an MVP, check out the match numbers:

Game 1: VKE SofM MVP and Levi outperformed in damage

Game 1 between VKE x GAM (Image: Reproduction/Riot)

Precisely in the first game, VKE SofM support managed to give 9 mil more damage than GAM Levi. To close the match, ADC VKE Shogun still managed a pentakill at the end of the match, check out the play:

Even with pentakill, the MVP went to the Vietnamese legend:

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Game 2: end of GAM’s reign? SofM wins a series again

Maybe not in the way fans would like, but SofM once again proved its dominance by matching the damage of its Karma Support with Levi’s Maokai and achieved yet another victory – dominating neutral objectives.

In the photo, the second game between VKE x GAM in the VCS 2024 playoffs
Game 2 between VKE x GAM (Image: Reproduction/Riot)

Levi’s GAM out of MSI 2024? Not yet

If you don’t already know the league format, VCS 2024 will have a lower bracket. So, GAM’s chances remain alive to advance in the competition. While VKE is already in the final of the Upper Bracket.

In the photo, players SofM (left) and Levi (right)
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games
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published in April 3, 2024


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