09 Apr 2024

T1 eliminates Dplus from the playoffs and remains alive

A T1 remains alive in the LCK 2024 1st spit playoffs. After being defeated 3-0 by Hanwha Life and fall to the lower bracket, the team Faker came back with everything and scored the same 3-0 against Dplus Kia. The result eliminates the team from Showmaker of the competition.

With this, T1 advances to the final of the lower bracket of the playoffs and will now face Hanwha Life again. The clash is not only worth a place in the LCK 2024 grand final, but also a place among the MSI 2024 teams, the first international LoL tournament of the year.

T1 has not been able to train properly

It is worth remembering that in recent days the community has discussed the current situation of T1 in LCK 2024. The team is the current world champion, but has been performing below expectations. One of the reasons is the lack of training, as the entire organization has been the target of constant DDoS attacks, which means they are unable to train.

In an interview, Faker even mentioned that T1’s situation was “unfair”, since they were the only team that was unable to play soloQ and train properly. The player’s last official game on soloQ, on his main account, was two weeks ago.

Not playing soloQ for a short time, or just not playing a few games, doesn’t really affect our performance. However, we had a good amount of time to prepare for the playoffs and the patch changed, and we weren’t able to play properly, so I think it’s fair to say that we didn’t have the same opportunity to train compared to other teams. The most we can do in this remaining time is to get around this terrible environment and prepare our skills as best we can.

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T1 vs Hanwha Life LCK 2024

T1’s next match against Hanwha Life will be on April 13th. Whoever wins advances to the final and will face Gen.G, who are looking for their fourth consecutive title in the competition.

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