10 Apr 2024

Steam receives 6 new free games! Discover and redeem now

Imagine exploring new worlds without spending a penny! A Steam received, during the past week, six free games fresh for you to dive right in. From business simulations to dark adventures and even an algebra lesson, there is something for everyone.

In total, more than 200 games arrived on Valve’s platform last week. Between releases, dozens of free games were also made available, but not all of them are good.

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Voxel curated the main free games that arrived on Steam over the last week, ranging from an unusual simulator to experimental projects. Check out the full curation below!

Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue

Em Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue, we take on the role of an expert in cleaning up after crimes, getting involved in the mafia’s dirty tasks in exchange for money. With her daughter’s life at stake, her skill becomes crucial. The free prologue offers insight into the protagonist’s life, highlighting his struggles as he tries to stay off the police radar, disposing of bodies and destroying evidence. Explore stories behind the misdeeds, upgrade your equipment and stay out of suspicion as you delve into this dark and dangerous world.

Lemonade Apocalypse

Em Lemonade Apocalypse, the goal is to lead the world towards the apocalypse through the sale of lemonades. He emphasizes the importance of price in demand: higher prices mean more profit but less frequent sales. It is essential to balance the value to maximize profits and keep sales stable. In addition, it is necessary to manage ingredient costs to ensure profitability and invest in improvements that reduce costs and increase demand.

The game offers upgrades that allow you to expand operations, such as investing in a factory and acquiring distribution methods. With three unique levels, each with their own upgrade opportunities, Lemonade Apocalypse offers an immersive clicker experience with a unique and fun approach to the genre. And best of all, there are no in-app purchases, making it accessible to all players.

Void Whispers

Void Whispers Plunges users into the unsettling atmosphere of the 1940s, transporting them into the shoes of Mike, a broadcast engineer newly arrived in the city of Cosmo. As he struggles to master radio equipment and keep citizens informed, inexplicable events begin to occur in the skies, triggering a journey of discovery and terror.

With an interesting narrative and the promise of three distinct endings, we are challenged to explore the secret behind the terrifying silence of the universe, facing the grim prospect of being hunted by an ancient hostile civilization.

Dave’s Fun Algebra Class: Remastered

Dave’s Fun Algebra Class: Remastered is an indie strategy-based game that mixes chaos and intensity, inspired by Baldi’s Basics, with an old-school psychedelic art style. The game features Dave, a math teacher in a motorized wheelchair, who is always ready to test people’s calculation skills.

Avoiding mistakes is crucial, as he does not tolerate mistakes. However, there are items scattered around the school that can be used to his advantage, although Dave and his friends are always on the lookout to make the journey challenging.

Glitch Maze.exe

Glitch Maze.exe is a casual experience that takes inspiration from titles like Pac-Man, while adding subtle horror elements. This challenge embraces the concept of using your past failures to progress: each time you die, you leave behind a small beacon of light that reveals parts of the maze and the dangers that lurk within.

With 18 handcrafted routes to explore, you can use your previous failures to overcome the challenge or proceed with caution, as well as take advantage of power-ups to highlight or freeze hazards. Additionally, by gathering high scores, you can change the dynamics in the level and uncover hidden secrets, making the experience exciting and challenging.


Source: Goober Inc. – Steam

Atan is an immersive action and adventure experience in which we face the challenge of climbing a gigantic colossus. Utilizing climbing skills and using a bow and anchors, we embark on a journey over the body of this colossal creature. However, this is not a simple physical task; The rugged terrain and multiple threats around show that the giant is alive and needs your help.

As we explore this epic world, we will encounter challenging obstacles and meet different inhabitants that inhabit the creature, making every moment a unique and exciting experience.


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