13 Apr 2024

“It’s not funny anymore”, says Tinowns about paiN x LOUD

After the overwhelming victory of LOUD on top of paiN Gaming 3×1 in the playoffs CBLOL 2024o mid-laner Tinowns told in an exclusive interview with More Esports about victory. Check out the full interview here:

Tinowns, was it always about paiN and LOUD?

I think it’s always about paiN and LOUD, I said it at the beginning of the split now we beat them, but I think they’ll come back to the final again. I think paiN may have big problems there, a 3×2 3×1 series, but I believe they have a better chance of returning to the final.

And we know that paiN and LOUD is the current classic, but how hyped are you for this confrontation?

Nowadays it’s starting to get boring. So, today there was a little more emotion, I think they surprised us like I said, but I can’t see us losing a series to them nowadays, at the level we’re seeing in training and everything. Obviously it’s a classic, we really want to win, we never let our guard down or train worse, but we’re just better than them nowadays

Photo: Reproduction/More Esports

In your opinion, this was the best paiN against LOUD

I’m trying to remember everyone, but I think so, I think it was the series where they played a little game and got scared. I don’t think it had reached this point in any other case, apart from the series they beat us, 3 to 2, in the upper final, but apart from that, I think it was the series that was most disputed.

In today’s series there was Hwei from Tinowns, and once again you stood out. How much do you like this champion?

Ah, from 0 to 10, like eight. I confess that I already liked it more, including feeding a Hwei game today, but it happens.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)
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published in April 9, 2024


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