16 Apr 2024

SKT T1/T1 celebrates 20 years of existence, remember the organization’s achievements

To old South Korean Telecom T1 (SKT T1) and now T1 completed 20 years this April 12, the organization was founded in 2004 aiming for competitions Starcraft. The organization achieved great renown within the sport, after the player Boxer create a winning culture at SKT of betting on new/talented players and good coaches.

In LoL, this culture paid off from the beginning as in 2013 the newbie has arrived Faker already SKT T1 do LoL and the GOAT of esports was born there!

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T1 turns 20 and almost 10 years of Faker

The story of T1 became absurd within LoL from 2013when young Faker appeared in the organization and in his debut year he already earned a world of LoL.

The organization would then experience a blow the following year, when it qualified directly for the finals in Korea and suffered a crushing 3-0 win against Samsung Galaxywho would be champion that year.

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SKT T1 does a feat in LoL that is unprecedented to this day

After not qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, the SKT T1 did the deed unprecedented win two LoL World Cups in sequence. Furthermore, in 2015, the South Korean team had been runner-up in the first edition of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

The history of LoL is confused with the history of T1

Of the 13 World Cups already played in LoL’s history, SKT/T1 participated in eight editions, being champions on four occasions (2013, 2015, 2016 e 2023) and having two runner-up finishes (2017, 2022).

In relation to the MSI, the organization participated in six of the eight editions of the international championship that existed until then. Faker’s team played final four from MSI and was the great champion in two editions (2016, 2017).

Image of player T1 FAker at Worlds 2022
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T1 has a big event to mark its anniversary

A T1 of Faker play against PLEASE do Viper on April 13th, one day after T1’s anniversary, earning the last spot in the LCK 2024 1st split grand final. Whoever wins also guarantees the last spot in the region at MSI 2024.

So you don’t miss any of the best clashes between the best teams in the world, just stick to the live stream Ericatwhere there is always live broadcast of the best games from the South Korean LoL league.

Image of Ronaldo handing over the MSI 2017 champion medal to Faker, from SKt T1
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