18 Apr 2024

TitaN has never lost a final he played

Sometimes, it’s not just a cup at stake, but the honor. Na final do CBLOL 2024there are many narratives at stake in this paiN Gaming contra LOUD. Among all the stories, one of the greatest is that of TitaNADC from paiNnever having lost a final.

(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

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TitaN seeks its fifth title and the redemption of paiN Gaming

The Traditional shooter has already played final four of CBLOL, for two different teams, and never lost a decisive series. Check out each of these finals:

  • CBLOL 2018, 1st split: Kaboom contra Live Keyd: 3×2 for Kaboom with the TitaN having the highest Damage per Minute in the series (753).
  • CBLOL 2018, 2nd split: Kaboom contra Flamengo: 3×2 for Kaboom with the TitaN having the highest Damage per Minute in the series (660).
  • CBLOL 2022, 1st split: RED contra Clear: 3×1 for RED with TitaN dying more than 3 times or more in just one game in the series
  • CBLOL 2022, 2nd split: RED contra paiN Gaming: 3×2 for REDhowever, with few individual highlights from the shooter.
TitaN and Dynquedo at KaBuM 2018 (Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

One of the few to have surpassed paiN Gaming’s ex

For paiN Gaming, there is a point to prove: winning a CBLOL without the BrTT. The player was single ADC who raised a cup for the Traditionals, but that could change with TitaN.

It was not easy to overcome BrTT in finals, and TitaN not only did that but also worked hard from start to finish, constantly chasing the Pai. O Sonas they joked at the time, has the mission to continue the legacy and prove that its inspiration in TT It’s already becoming an ordeal in the history of CBLOL!

That photo, PaiN Titan
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

TitaN has a much better track record than the last ADC

Before Titas’ arrival, paiN’s ADC was Bvoy, a player who has so far accumulated eight finals and eight runners-up. With half of the finals, paiN’s current team has everything to make Traditional fans dream.

(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)
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published in April 16, 2024


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