20 Apr 2024

2nd split will mark the return of MD3 in the Regular Phase

The second split of LCS 2024 will mark the return of the MD3 series in the regular phase of the competition. The idea is to make the league even more competitive compared to others in the world, such as LPL e LCK.

The last time the LCS had MD3 in the Regular Phase was in the second split of 2017. Since then, the league has adopted MD1 back and forth, like other championships in the world, including the CBLOL itself.

With the return of the MD3 format, the league will also return to a one-way format, that is, the teams face each other once in the Regular Phase. This will mean that the competition will be able to maintain the same number of game days even with more matches.

(Image: Disclosure/LCS)

LCS has been trying to be more dynamic and competitive

This is another of the several changes that the LCS has been making in 2024 in order to make the league more competitive and attractive to the public.

It’s worth remembering that in the first split they tested a format in which picks and bans were recorded in advance to reduce waiting time between games.

Another very interesting change is that patch changes arrived instantly in the league during the Regular Phase. In other tournaments, new patches only arrive after a few weeks to give teams time to learn. It is unknown whether this LCS practice will be maintained for the second split as well.

In the first split the Team Liquid was the grand champion after winning the FlyQuest. Both teams are qualified for MSI 2024, the first international LoL tournament of the year.

CoreJJ and Impact become champions again for Team Liquid (Photo: Reproduction/LCS Flickr)
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