20 Apr 2024

What to expect from the LOUD meta for the final?

In the end, it’s all about paiN e LOUDbut: how does the draft and LOUD? Today we are going to do a study of the Meta of the two teams and try to define, in outline, what we can expect from the LOUD nos drafts.

LOUD has played fewer playoff series, so it is easier to conduct this study. Verduxa played just seven matches in two series, one of which was 3×0 over RED it is a 3×1 against paiN Gaming itself.

What does LOUD look to play in the draft?

LOUD brings in its range of playoff choices an obvious preference at the top and in the bot-lane: Jax (4 choices) for Robo and Lucian e Nami (3 choices of the pair) for Route and Redbert.

These champions create a lot of the style of LOUD 2024 – focused on Robo being able to have resources focused on 1v1 and avoiding 2v1, while your bot will have a lot of pressure early on.

Regarding the mid, control mages are the house’s specialty, but nothing very “mirable”: Tinowns played four champions:

  • Karma (2 games)
  • Aurelion Sol (2 games)
  • Hey (2 games)
  • Taliyah (1 games)

Tin can be considered by the data the main player of this LOUD, since, in the playoffs, 32% of the team’s damage comes from him alonewhich also participates in 80% of slaughters.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

And the LOUD Croc within the draft?

Croc has been adapting to the style that the team creates in the draft: when LOUD will have pressure on the bot, the jungler opts for choices that can be more aggressive early, such as Lee Sin or Xin Zhao.

What if they don’t get Lucian/Nami? So they must play the top strong-side with Renekton e Olafand in this case Croc can pull a utility choice, like the Sejuani e Maokai), to play by enabling Robo.

In this strong top scenario, the bot is the one who absorbs pressure, and a pair that can appear for this is the Senna e Tahm Kench.

Image of jungler Croc, from LOUD, on stage at Worlds 2023
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Or what banem against no draft against LOUD?

Until then, the most banned champions against LOUD are Taliyah e Nautiluscom 71% the bans in the playoffs. Support, for example, enables a problematic comfort situation: Kai’Sa e Senna can play well with Nautilus. He can absorb pressure or play aggressively and create situations for the jungler. If paiN lets it go, it is very likely that LOUD will choose.

A Taliyah It’s a bizarre comfort from Tin, who manages to transition the advantage very easily. In the last series, bans on Jax e Olaf grew, reaching a rate of 43%but if paiN comes from the red side, it is impossible not to think about the ban Lucianthat has 29% ban rate.

Image of the skin behind the crystalis motus in LoL
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Possible scenarios

Is it possible to believe in the world where Jax, Lucian e Nautilus they will be banned for 5 games in the first rotation, leaving Tin and Croc completely free. So we can see Taliyah being the blue side’s first choice, or the Route cooking something new for the playoffs: how Kalista which, for now, has 3 wins and 3 losses.

The pressure ADC pick would generate what LOUD usually likes on the blue side: the first three picks being bot-lane e jungler. When Verduxa is on the red-side she maintains priority and takes some of the monsters from one of the solo-laners: in one of the cases it was bot + Taliyah and in the other bot more Olaf.

We’ll be able to see how this phase of picks and bans will go on Saturday (20) from 1pm in the final between paiN e LOUD, worth the CBLOL 2024 title 1st split and last spot among the MSI 2024 teams!

In the photo: LOUD Robo and Tinonws
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr


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