21 Apr 2024

Tinowns and Robo, the players with the most finishes in the Franchise Era

The Franchise Era is dominated by a duo: Tinowns e Robowho reached another consecutive final for LOUD. Na final do CBLOL 2024there are many narratives at stake for the duo Verduxa!

Tin and Robo dominating the Franchise Era

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

The duo of Tinowns e Robo have already participated in final four the six that already occurred within the Franchise Era. Check out the duo’s latest results:

  • CBLOL 2021, 1st split: paiN Gaming contra Vorax Esports: 3×1 for paiN Gaming;
  • CBLOL 2022, 2nd split: LOUD contra paiN Gaming: 3×0 for LOUD;
  • CBLOL 2023, 1st split: LOUD contra paiN Gaming: 3×0 for LOUD;
  • CBLOL 2023, 2nd split: LOUD contra paiN Gaming: 3×1 for LOUD;

Pursuing CBLOL’s biggest milestone: BrTT

The duo is bizarre in efficiency within the Franchise Era, but both Tin and Robo have a history that goes back well before 2021 and that’s why the duo is chasing one of the biggest records.

Tinowns are looking to match, while Robo intends to surpass the Father in the scenario: BrTT. The former professional player won 6 titles during his time at paiN, Save, RED e Flamengoand for now, only Robo has tied with him (three of the titles of Robs how was it TT).

paiN is Brazil at MSI 2021 (Photo: Riot Games)

Tin and Robs arrive bringing undefeated champions

The LOUD solo laner duo has a specific feat for 2024: they both have an undefeated champion in their pool so far. Robs still hasn’t lost with his Jax (8 wins in 8 games) in 2024, and Tinowns don’t know what it’s like to fail to win Hey (5 wins in 5 games).

Final between paiN and LOUD at CBLOL 2024

Now paiN and LOUD face each other on Saturday (20), which will be the fifth final for both players. The decision starts at 1 pm on the official Riot Games channel on Youtube and Twitch. Whoever wins enters the team list for MSI 2024, the first international LoL championship of the year.

In the photo: LOUD Robo and Tinonws
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
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