24 Apr 2024

Stardew Valley gets another update with new features on PC! See list of changes

In March of this year, Eric Barone, the solo developer behind Stardew Valley, launched the long-awaited update 1.6 — which brought a series of new features to the game. If you think that’s it, there’s more: now, the farm simulator received a new update full of additions and improvements last Thursday (18).

O update 1.6.4 de Stardew Valley is now available for download only in the PC version. Some of the new features include visual improvements, quality of life improvements and various fixes — as well as adjustments to various items, missions and much more. The date for the update’s arrival on consoles, however, was not announced on this occasion.

Stardew Valley update 1.6.4 is now available for download on PC.Fonte:  Stardew Valley

Main additions of the new Stardew Valley update on PC

Want to know what was added by Barone in Stardew Valley? So check out the 1.6.4 patch notes below with some of the main changes!

New content and features

  • Added 20 new “alternative” mine layouts, which can start appearing after reaching the bottom of the mines;
  • Added 20 new volcanic mine layouts, which can appear after you unlock the shortcut between the caldera and the volcano entrance;
  • Added fish frenzy;
  • Added a special scene after helping your new neighbors grow their family to the fullest;
  • Added four new fairy styles;
  • You can now place up to eight additional non-fish items in fish tanks;
  • The Raccoon Shop now includes mystery box trading and golden mystery boxes;
  • Vinegar can now be poured on trees to prevent moss from growing;
  • The cutting enchantment now has specific drops on trees, namely:
    • Fern > Fern Sprout;
    • Mushroom > Red Mushroom;
    • Toco Grande > Hardwood.

Balance changes

  • Loading a saved game will unlock missed achievements on Steam if necessary (e.g. achievements earned when playing offline);
  • Added mini shipping box as an expensive purchase in Mr. Qi’s jewelry store;
  • Added more varieties and improvements to treasure chests in Skull Cave;
  • Now, life elixirs restore only health and energy tonics only restore energy;
  • Wild seed spots are rarer now, but produce more seeds;
  • Doubled the chance of Iridium Golems dropping Iridium;
  • Monsters in the volcano entry level are now random each day;
  • Using a treasure totem indoors no longer works. This prevents them from being wasted;
  • Going down a level in the mines now makes you invulnerable for 1 second;
  • Increased Raccoon mystery box reward from 4 to 5;
  • Farming experience now contributes to mastery experience at a rate of 50%;
  • The ice orb will no longer freeze a spider while it is jumping in the air;
  • Red snapper has been removed from the winter fishing quest set and sardines from the summer fishing quest set;
  • Golden Mystery Boxes now have a small chance of dropping a Self-Petcher for farm animals;
  • Slightly reduced chance of finding mystery boxes;
  • Mine Barrels and Coal Carts will now be “upgraded” at the start of each year;
  • The order of mystery box rewards is now randomized per player.

Multiplayer fixes

  • Synced some NPC gift data in other languages;
  • Fixed fireworks drawn behind things in multiplayer mode;
  • Fixed the mission “Build a Silo”, which was not completed by farm workers;
  • Fixed the Raccoon mission not being removed for all players;
  • Fixed double amulet issue when player disconnects/reconnects from the session.

Stardew Valley’s 1.6.4 update brought a series of fixes and adjustments to multiplayer mode.Fonte:  Stardew Valley

The topics above imply the main improvements added by Barone in Stardew Valley — but there is still much more. If you want to take a look at the full 1.6.4 patch notes, Click here!

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