07 May 2024

Meet 6 gaming villains who turned good

Anyone who follows the gaming world certainly knows that there is no hero without a good villain. In general, many of them are a nuisance and make our lives a real hell. Although, we can find some names that decide to abandon this life and move to the side of good.

Just like in anime, some evil characters have already changed sides in several games, including renowned franchises. Below, I present some characters who converted from villains to heroes, giving a different dynamic to the games in which they participated. Check out!

6. Bowser (Super Mario RPG)

Super Mario RPG gave the chance to see Bowser alongside Mario for the first time. (Source: Nintendo/Disclosure)Source: Nintendo/Disclosure

Bowser has always been a support in Mario’s life. After all, since the first game its main purpose has been to kidnap Princess Peach, taking the plumber on adventures of the most varied styles.

Em Super Mario RPG, everything led one to believe that he would follow his “book of bad habits”, as usual. However, after a giant sword simply destroys his castle, he sees no other way but to join forces with Mario (and even Peach!) to reverse this situation.

Indeed, Super Mario RPG It was the first time this unusual partnership happened. However, the same was seen in titles such as Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and the franchise Paper Mario.

5. Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)

Cecil converted to the side of good at the beginning of Final Fantasy IV. (Source: Game Informer/Reproduction)Source: Game Informer/Reproduction

Cecil is a protagonist who, most of the time, follows the logic of several RPG games. However, what makes it special is that, At the beginning of the journey, he acted very differently.

As a Dark Knight and captain of the Red Wings of Baron, he was tasked with destroying the village of Mist. In the process, he ends up killing several people and clashing with Rydia, the girl who would later become his ally.

Upon realizing what a mistake he made, he abandons his position as a Dark Knight and becomes a Paladin with the mission of saving the region in which he lives. And, from this point on, he begins to devote his life to good.

4. Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)

Knuckles was introduced in Sonic 3 as one of Sonic and Tails' adversaries.  (Source: Backloggd/Reproduction)Knuckles was introduced in Sonic 3 as one of Sonic and Tails’ adversaries. (Source: Backloggd/Reproduction)Source: Backloggd/Reproduction

Knuckles made his appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and right away he showed himself to be someone who would complicate the protagonist’s life. After all, Echidna was responsible for making the blue speedster lose all his emeralds at the beginning of the adventure.

Knuckles follows practically every adventure, hindering Sonic, until the moment he realizes that he was manipulated by Robotnik. Upon realizing this, he starts to help the protagonist and Tails in the fight against the villain, partnership that would be repeated in many other games in the franchise.

3. Magus (Chrono Trigger)

At the beginning of the journey in Chrono Trigger, Magus is presented as a villain.  (Source: Biobreak/Reproduction)At the beginning of the journey in Chrono Trigger, Magus is presented as a villain. (Source: Biobreak/Reproduction)Source: Biobreak/Reproduction

Magus is considered by many to be one of the best characters in Chrono Trigger. As soon as the journey begins, we see the wizard as a kind of villain, as he was responsible for giving Frog his frog form.

However, as we progress along the journey we see that he is not that bad. Okay, he still has weight in what he did to Frog. However, his past reveals that he grew up seeing magic as a way of survival and also of meet your sister Schala againfrom whom he was separated as a child.

Furthermore, after the confrontation at Magus Castle we realized that he wasn’t trying to summon Lavos to destroy the world. In fact, his intention was to end the creature, something he can achieve if he decides to accept him into the group after Crono’s death.

2. Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

Axel is one of the best characters in the Kingdom Hearts saga.  (Source: GameRant/Reproduction)Axel is one of the best characters in the Kingdom Hearts saga. (Source: GameRant/Reproduction)Source: GameRant/Reproduction

Kingdom Hearts presents several villains with different motivations and styles. Although, possibly the one that catches the most attention of many is Axel, which has even appeared on a list here on Voxel of enemies we didn’t want to defeat.

Axel is a member of Organization XIII, and on several occasions we are forced to face him. However, in Kingdom Hearts 2 he leaves aside his objective of transforming Sora into a heartless and ends up helping the protagonist throughout the journey. This shows that, within him, there is a heart capable of going beyond protecting his friend Roxas.

1. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

John Marston is a protagonist who marked a generation of players.  (Source: GameRant/Reproduction)John Marston is a protagonist who marked a generation of players. (Source: GameRant/Reproduction)Source: GameRant/Reproduction

John Marston is not necessarily a villain. However, the beginning of Red Dead Redemption shows that the character didn’t have a very correct life in the past.

Marston was part of Dutch Van der Linde’s gang, and at various times the gunman thought he was playing the role of vigilante when he participated in several robberies. However, this changes when, after an unsuccessful robbery, his gang leaves him behind.

This gesture made him give up his life of crime. and lived away from everything alongside his wife and son. That peace is shattered when Edgar Ross, a lawman, threatens Marston and forces him back into action once again to hunt down his former bandit partners.

And do you remember any other video game villains who turned good? Leave your guesses using social media Voxel.


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