23 May 2024

studio considers sequel and PC version

Developed by South Korean studio Shift Up, Stellar Blade proved to be a tremendous success among gamers and critics. Adventure in the best style NieR was released as a PS5 exclusive, but the developer already seems to have plans for a PC port and even a sequel.

As noted by Gematsuin an initial public offering filing on the Korean Composite Stock Price Index, Shit Up has confirmed that it is considering a PC port and a sequel to Stellar Blade. The document also mentions that there is a DLC and several collaborative contents with other IPs planned to arrive in the RPG in the near future.

Stellar Blade may have a sequel and port for PC, according to a document.Fonte:  PlayStation

“For Stellar Bladewe have plans to introduce new gameplay elements, including downloadable content releases, a PC version, and new collaborations [com outras IPs]”, said Shift Up. “Meanwhile, the company’s single global build approach enables simultaneous global updates to ensure a consistent gaming experience for users and rapid deployment of content at a low cost.”

Elsewhere in the process, the South Korean studio reiterated that “there are many precedents for AAA titles to evolve into franchises [de propriedade intelectual]extending its lifespan through a series of high-quality sequels and maintaining a long-term monetization base. As a result, we are exploring the possibility of a PC version of Stellar Blade and a sequence“.

Shift Up currently works on Project Witches

It is worth remembering that Shift Up is also working on Project Witches. According to information in the document, the project is currently in the early stages of development, with plans for a global launch for consoles, PC and cell phones in 2027 or beyond.

Stellar Blade studio is currently working on Project Witches.Fonte:  PlayStation

Project Witches is described as a “next generation mega subculture of Shift Up that will surpass Goddess of Victory: NOD”. Apparently, it will be an experience in the best style Genshin Impactand the South Korean studio hopes to accelerate development in 2024.

Stellar Blade was released for PlayStation 5 on April 26th. According to the South Korean document, RPG sales also exceeded Shift Up’s expectations.

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