07 Jun 2024

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Egg Holder (Disney) « Toy Blog

The whole house will want to wake up early to eat hot breakfast eggs served in incredible egg holders inspired by the excellent classic animated film Aladdin (1992) from Walt Disney Pictures.

The Aladdin Genie’s Lamp Disney Egg Cup is in the iconic shape of the magic lamp that serves as the Blue Genie’s home/prison, similar to the oil lamps used as genie lamps in Arabic folklore for generations. The lid of the magic lamp is removable to fit the hot egg.

The Magic Lamp Aladdin Egg Cup has a shiny glossy gold paint that looks like gold and is carved from high-quality, food-safe ceramic without added toxins or BPA. The egg holder is made by Funko and has been officially licensed by Disney.

The Aladdin Genie’s Lamp Disney Egg Cup egg holder costs US$11.99 at Toynk Toys, which accepts orders from Brazil.

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Via Toynk.

Aladdin's Magic Lamp Egg Holder (Disney)

Aladdin's Magic Lamp Egg Holder (Disney)


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