Are you planning a corporate strategy which includes toy and games? Allow KHDC to design a promotional game or product for your company or even a board or computer game based on your company. Allow us to make something that is unique to your company? They make an ideal give-away or a reminder of your products and services. No other product like a game has people concentrate on ONE subject soley, for at least an hour. Television doesn’t even come close, as it breaks for ads. Imagine having potential customers play a game featuring or about your product where all involved have fun and totally enjoy themselves, an experience they’ll never forget. It has been said that games are the “GREATEST SOURCE OF UNTAPPED FORMS OF ADVERTISING”. It is also a fact that 95% of all promotional products end up in the rubbish within hours or days of being received. A quality ‘game’ promotional item will be around for years to come. Why not let develop a product for you?’s team includes graphic designers, 3D and freehand artists, illustrators, programmers, writers, along with sales and marketing experts. KHDC is available to develop any special projects or designs for you.

The team’s skills, when combined with a thorough understanding of customer trends in design and image, means’s Corporate Development Division is ideally suited to develop concepts tailored to your corporate needs.

Some of KHDC’s designs include:

  • Board Games
  • Soft Toys
  • Jigsaw Puzzles (cardboard, frame and plastic)
  • Electronic Toys
  • Computer Games
  • Character Designs
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Printing
  • Action Figurine