Developing a board game is an involved process. Not only does the “idea” and “gameplay” have to be perfect, the timing has to be right too for the launch. It must fit in with buying periods, the promotion and advertising (marketing plan) need to be set up as well as storage and distribution set in place.

Having developed many many prototypes and manufactured hundreds of thousands of games, KHDC understands fully the process of getting your idea off the ground and to market. You really should look at having an evaluation before you spend anymore money on your game and see if there is some way that it can be improved.

KHDC covers everything:

  • Gameplay Evaluation
  • Gameplay eehancement
  • Parts Design and/or Sourcing
  • Graphic Design and Character Creation
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling (trays, boxes, plastic parts, cover sheets)
  • Manufacturing
  • Advertising and Marketing

Need your idea developed or prototyped?

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