For your game or concept to succeed it is essential that any associated text is clear, concise and as brief as possible. Well-written and easy to understand instructions, rules and game-play cards can make the difference between success and failure. Who cannot remember struggling with impossible instructions that might as well have been written in invisible ink for all the sense they make? Or trying to play a game where the method of play was unclear? It is extremely frustrating and your customers will soon lose patience with your product if they cannot make sense of it. Similarly, they will not want to spend a long time reading overly long instructions and rules, so aim to make all text as succinct as possible.

Careful editing and/or re-writing of instructions, rules or game-play cards or text will make your meaning clearer and will mean your customers are more likely to grasp the game’s meaning faster. And having your text presented in a grammatically correct and easy-to-read manner will reflect well on your whole product.

KHP not only offers editing and writing services but also performs basic and advanced proof reading.