In getting your idea off the ground, there are 4 basic steps or ways in which Ken Howard is able to help you.:

  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Manufacture

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To protect, ALL unsolicited submissions will not be opened but deleted from the server (Inbox and Deleted box) immediately. All physical mail submissions received will not be read. This protects both you and If you wish to send information to KHDC, do so by filling out the form linked to the Information Pack link. is well suited in helping you by designing and manufacturing your product, idea, toy or game. As well, their team of programmers is able to develop your computer software title concept. Ken Howard has published and developed over 700 titles and 35 million parts, pieces and products. KH does have the experience and knowledge to design and create virtually “anything”. As focuses exclusively on product development and manufacture, he is well suited as a first-stop design studio. can pass on information, learnt from previous clients, on how you can raise funding capital and how they marketed their finished product.


You should review this page BEFORE any Evaluations, Meetings or Quotes of your concept.

A S.W.O.T. Analysis refers to a face to face meeting where the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your product are discussed and evaluated. From here would quote on further involvement.


Stop spending anymore time or effort in developing your product, you may be wasting your time and/or money.

KH actually finds it easier to DEVELOP from scratch!

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There is a four step process to developing your idea (or concept):

An EVALUATION is a REQUIREMENT before PROTOTYPE DESIGN services are accessible. If you would like to book an evaluation, please fill in the appropriate fields on the INFORMATION PACK, QUOTE, EVALUATION or S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS MEETING form.

KH puts incredible effort and energy into the design and development of each new product. Since they specialises in toy and game design, is second-to-none in this field. His team of specialist graphic artists and industrial designers generate original graphics and parts which actually BECOME your property. The key is ORIGINAL DESIGN!


When you finally see your finished prototype, KH is convinced that you will be really pleased with the result. His experience, design skills and the fact that he has published and developed so many products, means you don’t have to go anywhere else.

If you require any plastic pieces or parts for your toy or game idea, his industrial design team is also able to design these items from scratch in a 3D CAD program then export them for preparation into a prototype. He uses use a couple of different processes, including STEREOLITHOGRAPHY (SLA) and 3D Solid Printing. Simply put, SLA is a laser-liquid plastic-resin process and 3D Solid Printing is exactly what it describes, a unique process of building the model up in layers on a sophisticated 3D printer. These finished “rapid” prototype parts look and feel like injected moulded plastic. These are great for prototypes, saving you tens of thousands of dollars!

If electronic parts are required, also offers Industrial Graphic development services (similar to the electronics for the dash in your car or the touch pad on a washing machine). This includes full chip design and programming.

If computer game development is required, he has a team of programmers at his disposal. KH has successfully developed quite a number of titles.

On average, prototypes take from 1 to 6 months to complete, depending on how much work is involved and how complex the idea is. KH uses all original graphics. They have a vast resource network to source parts as well, minimising development costs. They are also able to offer assistance with COPYRIGHT protection as well as TRADEMARKS and PATENTS. is then able to manufacture your idea for you (and even include their margin) less than you could. This is due to the buying power from making so many of their own products as well as for clients. A PROTOTYPE is a requirement BEFORE KH begins the MANUFACTURING process.

TESTING: Once you receive your finished sample, it is important that you test-play the prototype to make sure it works properly (particularly relevant with board games, to make sure your RULES actually work in real “playing”). Also, at this time you must extensively check grammar and spelling, as many inventors tend to make a lot of mistakes here. KH provides a proof-reading service but like all publishers, they take NO RESPONSIBILITY, even for their own mistakes, the reason being that working so closely on a project it is easy not to notice errors (this is a common problem in the publishing industry)

ON-SELLING your idea is the next step. You may already have someone who will license the concept from you or else you could market it yourself or be referred to someone who is looking for NEW products. KH can advise on what you can expect but the negotiations are up to you and your legal people, at this point KH can be used as an INTRODUCTORY SERVICE.

PRE-PRESS, MANUFACTURING (or PUBLISHING): can take on this whole role for you. Pre-press includes all the colour separation, film work and preparation of printing plates and cutting formers. With manufacturing, this is what KH specialises in, due to his “buying” power. Having performed so many production runs with so many contacts, enables them to negotiate the best prices. You get your product manufactured cheaper “piggy-back” style by bundling the production at the same time as other products. This means

It is vital that during the whole process of developing your product, that it is branded correctly. By definition “BRANDING” means determining what the product is, how it will be labelled, named, packaged and positioned in the market place etc.

You may have invented a “flattened piece of dry toasted corn” but unless it gets branded (as a “corn flake”) all it ever will be is: flat dry corn. From this point, positioning comes into play… the corn is positioned into the food market… but which part?… “breakfast”. The branding cycle is NOW complete. It is the same with your product.’s team will help you brand your idea.

STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION and MARKETING: KH is able to advise on all these areas and has many years of experience as well as some good contacts to assist you.

Further Information:

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EVALUATION: The cost of an evaluation is now FREE.

Making a PROTOTYPE is very costly and KH generally only makes 1 or 2 samples. They find that multiple prototypes do go missing and you are not as well protected when it comes to copyright. Also, when you only have 1 or 2 samples you perceive them as more valuable. Clients could lose their samples to individuals who never return them after evaluating them for the purpose of licensing or product placement. By only having one or two, you are less likely to lend the game out and keep closer control of it. This is the point where new ideas are stolen or copied.

Toys and other Products: Since KH is called upon to develop many non-toy industry products, such as food, medical, packaging, mechanical etc, they need to quote on an individual job basis.

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It is hoped that this information helps you and KH wishes you all the best with your product or idea. Please don’t hesitate to make contact for any further assistance.

NB: only DEVELOPS and MANUFACTURES products on a fee-for-service basis.