KH is able to develop a simple or involved game for any Government Department, from Board Games, to Jigsaws, Action Games and Toys to Full-on Computer Games. They are all an ideal way to educate children and adults in a fun and light format how a Government process works, what project your department is involved in or how Government and Communities work together on a particular project and subject. Ken Howard has experience in working with Government Departments, understands deadlines and specific needs of funding processes along with hands-on involvement in product development. KHP can also handle all distribution whether it is through retail, schools or specific target markets.

Ken Howard presents Australia's Prime Minister John Howard with a copy of his "Parliament" board game
Ken Howard presents Australia's Prime Minister John Howard with a copy of his "Parliament" board game
Ken Howard with Vic. Premier Jeff Kennett with a copy of his "Parliament" board game


Assistance for Year 12 Design & Technology students KH is able to assist students in their final high school year, who are undertaking Design & Technology courses and wish to produce a board game as their final project. For minimal cost we can provide CAD’s for designing and printing box lids, box bases, playboards, cards and rules etc for a standard size board game. As well, pre-cut cardboard patterns for box lids, bases and playboards are available, along with dice, playing pieces and other parts. Large format printing, laminating and card cutting (with round corners) services are also available at students rates. Verifcation from school is required for discount to apply.

Planning your School’s Year Book?

KH can also create personalised games for schools!

What about a Year Board Game (or computer game) about your school…. and starring the teachers and students!?

Now with simplified design techniques, standard tools and cutting formes for box lids, bases and playboards, along with plastic part resources, KHDC is now designing personalised games for government, corporations and schools. From $5000, a Board Game can be designed from scratch for any school or company and includes all original graphics. We are then to print your game and include playing pieces, playboard, plastic tray, 25 cards, even a bar-code, along with shrink-wrapping and boxing. Prices start from $30 (ex GST) for a minimum run of 1,000 games.

KH can also create personalised games for schools!

As a school project, Ken will work with teachers and students to develop the game. Additional copy costs can be reduced by having students form an ‘assembly line’to’ manufacture’ the game. This will provide ALL students with a perfect opportunity to learn about design, publishing, and manufacture, along with budgeting and cashflow. Schools are free to market the games to their local community as part of any fund-raising projects.

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