07 Apr 2022

TV fame for Planet JUNKO’s Pete Rope

As part of the company mission to get kids being creative and upcycling, too, Planet JUNKO inventor Pete Rope appeared on Steph’s Packed Lunch this Tuesday (5th April). He shared some really accessible junk modelling ideas using everyday items to inspire kids, while Steph McGovern and John Waite got in on the craft action alongside him.

Pete says: “It was a fab experience to appear on the show. It came completely out of the blue last week. Steph and John make an awesome presenter team and they made the spot wonderfully entertaining. They made some toilet roll characters of each other, a dinosaur head and a train from boxes – all really simple ideas that anyone can do. Hopefully it will get kids creating, away from screens and give them the confidence to invent ideas of their own.

“Junk modelling is part of the UK school curriculum for good reason – it’s a fantastic way for kids to improve their problem-solving and motor skills. It helps kids imagine and then build, not just follow instructions. It’s an introduction to constructing with different materials and understanding their properties.

“Obviously, we believe that if kids incorporate one of our JUNKO kits to their junk modelling they can make even more amazing things. But the main thing we want kids to feel is the satisfaction of making something from nothing. It’s a way better feeling than just getting bought a new thing – it’s better for their development and better for the planet.”

The JUNKO Zoomer Kit won a coveted Made for Mums Editor’s Choice Award (for Eco-Creativity) and is one of Mumsnet Best STEM Toys 2022.

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