22 Aug 2023

Complete Old School Dungeon Survival Guide

Complete Old School Dungeon Survival Guide

Welcome to the Complete Old School Dungeon Survival Guide. The famous RPG OSR.

So let’s explore the fundamentals and essential strategies for surviving and thriving in classic dungeons.

So if you are an adventurer looking for knowledge and want to master the challenges found in dungeons, this guide is perfect for you.

So let’s dive deep into this journey of exploration and discovery!

The Importance of Preparation

Of course, before embarking on any expedition into an ancient dungeon, it is crucial that you are properly prepared.

Proper preparation is what separates successful adventurers from unsuccessful ones, so it’s important to always be ready.

Here are some important steps to ensure you are prepared to face dungeon dangers as well as deadly creatures.

1. Appropriate Equipment

One of the most important aspects of preparation is having the proper equipment. Make sure your armor, weapons, and ancillary items are in good condition.

Make sure you have healing potions, torches, ropes and other useful items. Never underestimate the importance of well-maintained equipment.

2. Knowledge of Creatures

First off, each dungeon has its own dangerous and challenging creatures. So familiarize yourself with the creatures you might encounter.

Also, study their weaknesses, attack patterns and behavior.

This will give you a strategic advantage and increase your chances of survival.

However, in an old school dungeon, combat is not always the best option, so it’s important to always be ready to avoid a fight.

Exploring the Dungeons

images of VTT D&D Beyond, the new VTT from wizards

Once you’re properly prepared, it’s time to delve into the depths of the ancient dungeons.

Here are some essential tips to help you explore efficiently:

1. Mapping

Creating a detailed dungeon map is crucial to your survival. As you go, note each corridor, room, and passageway on your map.

This will allow you to track your progress and avoid getting lost.

An example of a dungeon mapping diagram can be found below:

2. Teamwork

Exploring an ancient dungeon can be dangerous for lone adventurers. Consider forming a team of seasoned adventurers.

Having reliable allies by your side will increase your chances of survival and success.

Remember that cooperation and communication are essential for a successful team.

Combat Strategies

Encountering hostile creatures in a dungeon is inevitable. Mastering combat strategies is essential to face these threats and emerge victorious.

Here are some tactics you can employ during enemy encounters:

1. Study of Enemies

Before entering combat, carefully observe your enemies. Identify your weaknesses and attack patterns.

Some creatures may be more susceptible to certain types of damage, while others may have special abilities.

Knowing your opponents will give you a significant strategic advantage.

2. Synchronized Teamwork

If you’re on a team, coordinate your attacks with your teammates. Develop strategies that take advantage of each team member’s individual skills.

A synchronized combination of attacks and abilities can be the key to defeating powerful enemies.

3. Use of Traps

In addition to direct combat, a smart strategy is to take advantage of the traps present in the dungeons.

Corridors and rooms are often filled with tricky mechanisms that can be activated to weaken or defeat enemies.

Here are some tips for using traps to your advantage:

Study the environment: Carefully observe the environment around you. Look for levers, pressure plates, wires, or any other devices that could trigger traps.

Knowing the location of traps will allow you to use them strategically against your opponents.

Smart lures: If possible, use lures to lure enemies into traps. This can be done by throwing objects or making noises to pique the curiosity of hostile creatures.

As soon as they are close to the traps, activate them and watch your enemies be taken by surprise.

Team work: If you’re on a team, split up the tasks. While some members attract enemy attention, others can trigger traps.

This coordinated strategy will increase your chances of success and minimize risk to the group.

Remember that using traps requires prior knowledge of the environment and the traps themselves.

Complete Old School Dungeon Survival Guide

Complete Survival Guide to Old School Dungeons Adventure

So that’s it, we hope you found some valuable information as well as useful strategies for tackling classic dungeon challenges.

Always remember the importance of preparation, careful exploration, and combat knowledge in addition to occasionally avoiding a fight.

Now, it’s time to pick up your sword and venture into the dungeons in search of treasure and glory!

Adventurer, good luck on your future expeditions! May your loot abound and your legend be written on dungeon walls!


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