25 Aug 2023

CEO of Mercedes presents Faker with a car worth R$ 765 thousand

Considered the greatest LoL player of all time, Faker ends up receiving some “luxury treats” from brands that sponsor the T1. This time the player received as a gift from Mercedes Benz a car valued at approx. 765 thousand reais!

The vehicle in question is a Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+, launch of the brand’s electric line. It is still not sold in Brazil, but abroad it is valued at around 145 thousand euros.

Faker receives Mercedes directly from one of the company’s CEOs

Mercedes Benz held an event in South Korea to strengthen its commercial commitment to the country, mainly focusing on the electric car market. It is worth remembering that the brand is the current sponsor of T1, Faker’s team and also the most famous and successful in the country.

The gift to Faker was given directly by Mr. Ola Källenius, one of the CEOs of Mercedes Benz. “I am very happy to receive a gift from my favorite car brand”, said the player at the event.

(Image: Yonhapnews)

It is not the first time that the player has received cars as a gift.

As one of the most influential esports figures in the world, the mid laner has already received other cars as gifts. In 2023 Mercedes Benz itself gave Faker a car valued at 1.4 million here in Brazil. At the time, the player was completing 27 years, so the brand took advantage of the date to present him with a Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+.

Previously, T1 was sponsored by BMW, who did similar actions. For the player’s 25th birthday, the brand presented him with a BMW M5500i 2020, at the time valued at BRL 400,000.

A year later, Faker held a photo shoot for the BMW 420i, and it was revealed that the car was also the player’s, so fans speculate that it may have been another gift from the brand, as there would be no reason for Faker to buy a second car. .

(Image: Disclosure/T1)

Faker will play Worlds 2023 at home

Faker, along with T1, is classified for Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship. The player is the biggest champion of the tournament and will have the chance to win the title at home, since it will be based in South Korea. It is the first time that Faker will play in a LoL World Cup in Korea.

In addition to T1, Gen.G and KT Rolster are also among the Korean teams that qualified for Worlds 2023. The tournament is scheduled to take place between October 10th and November 19th.

Bruno Rodriguez

published in August 24, 2023


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