06 Oct 2023

listen to the Worlds themes

As songs from the LoL world championship (Worlds) They are very famous in the community and even outside the League of Legends player bubble, as they are very well produced and often feature the participation of other artists.

Every year Riot Games creates a song for Worlds, and the More Esports prepared a complete list with all the songs released so far. What is the best song at the LoL World Cup? Listen to them all below and draw your own conclusion!

What are the songs from Worlds, the LoL world cup?

So far, Riot has already released 8 songs for Worlds. The first was in 2014 with the Imagine Dragons and is one of the most famous to date, accumulating more than 409 million views only in Youtube! Below, see the list of all the songs from the LoL World Cup:

  • 2014: “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons
  • 2015: “Worlds Collide” por Nicki Taylor
  • 2016: “Ignite” powder Zedd
  • 2017: “Legends Never Die” por Against The Current
  • 2018: “Phoenix” by Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
  • 2019: “Rise” por The Glitch Mob, Mako, e The Word Alive
  • 2021:Burn it All Down” by PVRIS
  • 2022: “Star Walkin” by Lil Nas
  • 2023: “GODS” by NewJeans

Listen to the songs from the LoL World Cup

Below, you can listen to all the songs from the LoL World Cup, in sequence, in a playlist we put together for you on Spotify!

Animations of all songs from the LoL World Cup

In addition to releasing the songs, Riot also creates animations for the Worlds themes, the LoL championship. Next, we’ll show you all the videos made so far so you can choose the best one:

Warriors – Tema do Worlds 2014

A Warriors was the first of the Worlds songs released by Riot, and right away the company already collaborated with Imagine Dragons, which made the song pop! To this day, it is one of the favorite songs among LoL fans.

In fact, that year it was performed live by the band at the World Cup final, in South Korea:

Worlds Collide – Worlds 2015 Music

In 2015, Riot invited the singer Nicki Taylor to produce the music for that year’s LoL World Cup. Once again we had an epic song, but without a video to match. A Worlds Collide brings an atmosphere that makes you want to see the best teams in the world play.

Ignite – Tema do Worlds 2016

A year later, Riot surprised by inviting DJ Zedd to perform the Worlds 2016 theme song, called Ignite. The result has a very different vibe from the previous year and divides opinions. Some listeners love it and others hate it, precisely because they were expecting a song with a more “epic” feel, like the last two were.

However, this year Riot was already preparing everyone for some different styles appearing in the music at the LoL World Cup. Below, check out the DJ’s live performance at the tournament’s grand final:

Legends Never Die – Worlds 2017 Music

Legends Never Die was made in partnership with the band Against The Current and it is perhaps the song that fans like most, both for the “vibe” and for the lyrics, which pays homage to all the players who became legends in LoL. Although they are not always in the spotlight, they will never be forgotten by the community.

However, the music video ended up displeasing a good portion of the community, who always expect an animation more related to competitive, with famous players and other references.

Legends Never Die was a huge success and its video already has more than 251 million views. It didn’t take long for the LoL World Cup song to gain several covers, including a pagoda version made by Brazilians:

The song Legends Never Die was performed live at the Worlds 2017 final, and had one of the most epic performances ever seen by fans. That year, Riot used augmented reality technology for the first time and put none other than the Elder Dragon on stage! Check out:

RISE – Music from Worlds 2018

Made in partnership with artists The Glitch Mob, Mako, e The Word Alive, to music Rise brings a narrative of “ascension”. Despite not being the favorite song of most fans, the animation was marked as one of the best ever made by Riot for the LoL World Cup songs.

It shows the player’s entire journey Ambition to the top of the world. He was already one of the most renowned players on the scene, and in 2017 he was world champion with Samsung Galaxy. Additionally, several other players appear in the video featuring their signature champions, including Faker, the best player in LoL history.

The song was also performed live during the Worlds 2018 final. However, the performance ended up being overshadowed by the first show, which again featured augmented reality, but this time featuring new songs from K-pop group K/DA; check out:

Phoenix – music for Worlds 2019

to music Phoenix brings back the vocalist Chrissy Costanza, this time accompanied by the vocalist Cailin Russo. If you don’t remember Chrissy, she was in the song Legends Never Die, from the 2017 World Cup.

Phoenix was excellent, and his clip was also very well produced, once again featuring famous players from the scene characterized as LoL champions. Interestingly, this year the team FunplusPhoenix won the LoL world championship, which led everyone to joke that the music already dictated the “script” for Worlds 2019.

Having used augmented reality in the last two years, in 2019 Riot decided to use holograms in the presentation of the music in the grand final. The occasion also featured a performance by the group True Damage, made up of famous artists such as Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose. Watch:

Take Over – tema do Worlds 2020

Made in partnership with Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember) e MaX, Henry, the song Taker Over is one that fans find a little “bland”. However, the animation video was excellent and makes fans watch it several times, due to the various references made to players from all over the world:

Burn It All Down – música do Worlds 2021

Knowing that the public liked seeing many references, Riot prepared a video with even more Easter eggs for the song Burn It All Down, of the 2021 LoL World Cup.

With Showmaker as the protagonist, the video shows both iconic players who had already retired at the time, and some who were still active, including Brazilians brTT and fNb:

brTT and Robo in the Worlds 2021 song (Image: Disclosure/Riot)

At that year’s World Cup, the world was facing the COVID-19 pandemic, so Riot was limited in the production of the opening show.

That year also marked the launch of Arcane, the first LoL series, so the spectacle of the grand final was entirely based on the animation’s theme song: Enemy, marking the return of the partnership between Riot and Imagine Dragons; see how it went:

Star Walkin with Lil Nas X – Worlds 2022 Song

In 2022, the entire community went crazy upon hearing the first rumors that Riot would be working with none other than Lil Nas X for the song from that year’s LoL World Cup. Well, the rumors were true and the rapper released the song Star Walkin, which still divides opinions among fans.

Lil Nas X also appeared at the opening ceremony and performed the song live, driving the entire Chase Center audience in San Francisco crazy! Watch:

GODS with NewJeans – Worlds 2023 Music

In 2023, the song for the LoL World Cup was GODS, made in partnership with the group NewJeans, one of the most famous at the moment within K-Pop. The clip in question shows Deft’s trajectory in his almost 10-year career until he reached the world title, the only one missing from his resume.

The video is full of references to historical players, check it out:

What did you think of the Worlds² songs? Which is the best in your opinion?

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

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