24 Oct 2023

remember the ‘compact’ versions of the consoles

Recently, Sony surprised the world by announcing a more compact version of the PS5 in relation to its design. Although the company itself does not call the model Slim, it quickly gained the nickname from all players, even due to PlayStation’s history of always winning a model of this type.

From PSOne to PS5, it has become something of a tradition to launch a Slim model a few years after the launch of the original video game, either to make it more affordable, or even to save the life of the original console, which came into the world full of problems. To refresh your memory, today Voxel brings all the ‘compact’ versions of the console. Check out!

1. PSOne Slim

The PSOne was Sony’s first console, and also the first to receive a Slim model. It arrived on the market in 2000, just over six years after the launch of the original model. It was the result of two company strategies: producing more consoles, as, due to its popularity, it was starting to sell out in some countries, and the other is to bring a more compact and resistant device.

PSOne SlimFonte:  Altar Of Gaming

To give you an idea, the width of the PSOne Slim was practically the same as its joystick, the DualShock, and it almost fit in any pocket. In addition, it also had unique accessories, the most striking being a small LCD screen, with built-in speakers, which allowed games to be played on the display. Finally, it also had a joystick with a lighter color than the original model.

2. PS2 Slim

The PS2 Slim was launched in 2004, about four years after the PS2, and was also a strategy by Sony to sell more devices. However, the main one was precisely the cost reduction, since the original console was more expensive than its competitors. To do this, it drastically reduced its size and cut a series of inputs and connections, mainly the internet, which compromised games that, at that time, already needed the network to run, such as MMOs.

PS2 Slim. Fonte:  Altar Of Gaming

He also became popularly known for abolishing the DVD tray, since in the new model it was enough to insert the discs into the corresponding slot. And for the parallel market, it was also an easier video game to “unlock” for the use of pirated games. So much so that it is by far the best-selling model here in Brazil, in a period where original games for it are extremely difficult to find and too expensive for the country’s reality.

3. PS3 Slim

The PS3 was by far the video game that gave Sony the most headaches. The product arrived in the world with a bold proposal for backwards compatibility with PS2 games, and the playback of high definition movies on Blu-ray discs. However, the device suffered from its high price and a series of problems, mainly overheating, which caused thousands of consoles to fail within a short period of time.

PS3 SlimPS3 SlimFonte:  Altar Of Gaming

The solution was to produce a reduced and reformulated version of the console, which arrived less than three years after the launch of the original console. This in turn was so successful that many people think it is the main model of the video game, and don’t even remember that it had a previous version.

4. PS3 Super Slim

Already in the final stages of its life, with the PS4 recently announced and in the final stages of production, the PS3 Super Slim arrived in stores. It had an even smaller version with a very unusual design, which was very reminiscent of a wallet.

PS3 Super SlimPS3 Super SlimFonte:  Altar Of Gaming

However, the main difference was precisely when inserting discs into the console. Now it had a lid, where you had to open it to place the record. It came to replace the drawer insertion model, which often “grabbed” the discs and was one of the biggest problems with the PS3 Slim.

5. PS4 Slim

The PS4 Slim was launched a few months before the more robust version of the same console: the PS4 Pro. It is the most compact model with the fewest modifications in Sony’s history, being just a little lighter and a few centimeters lower.

PS4 SlimPS4 SlimFonte:  Altar Of Gaming

It was also the slim model that sold the least. Starting with having been announced before the Pro model, which made many people choose to have a version that ran some games in 4K. Furthermore, the regular PS4 was still easily found in specialized stores, which meant that it had almost the same price as the thinner model.

6. PS5 Compact

The “PS5 Slim” that was recently announced is the first in which Sony does not use the nomenclature. It will replace the original model of the PS5, which from time to time ends up being sold out in certain countries.

In addition to being 24% more compact than the original video game, it will also have a version without a disc player, where it is possible to buy it separately and fit it into the console. But what really caught our attention was the fact that it didn’t have a base to stand the video game upright. Now, you will have to pay 30 dollars to buy it.

And in your opinion, what is Sony’s most striking Slim console? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!


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