25 Oct 2023

New HEARTSTEEL skins in League: price and release date

This Monday (23) the Riot Games revealed the novas skins Heartsteel for six League of Legends champions. The line of skins marks the launch of League’s first Boy Band, whose music “Paranoia” is now available.

Next, the More Esports will show you when they launch the novas skins Heartsteel in LoL, how much they cost and also images of the customizations.

What are the champions of the new Heartsteel skins in League?

The League of Legends Boy Band has six different champions. Yone is the lucky one this time and will not only win the conventional version, but also a second one Prestige version. The champions who will receive the new Heartsteel skins are:

  • Ezreal
  • Set
  • K’Sante
  • Kayn (Legendary)
  • Yone (conventional and Prestige)
  • Aphelios

When will the new Heartsteel skins be released in League

The new Heartsteel will be released on patch 13.22, scheduled for the day November 8th.

Price of new Heartsteel skins

  • A Skin HEARTSTEEL Ezreal costs 1350 the RP
  • A Skin HEARTSTEEL Sett costs 1350 the RP
  • A Skin HEARTSTEEL K’Sante costs 1350 the RP
  • A Skin HEARTSTEEL Kayn costs 1820 RP (Legendary)
  • A Skin HEARTSTEEL Yone costs 1350 the RP
  • A skin Prestige HEARTSTEEL Yone costs 2,000 Worlds 2023 Event Badges;
  • A Skin HEARTSTEEL Aphelios costs 1350 the RP

Considering the price of RP in 2023, the average price of skins 1350 is about R$ 34,90while the 1380 skin will cost around R$ 56,70.

Skin arts

For these skins, Riot chose to place all the characters in the artwork, alternating only who is highlighted.


(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


Image of the HEARTSTEEL Yone skin in League, scheduled for patch 13.22
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


Image of the HEARTSTEEL Ezreal skin in League, scheduled for patch 13.22
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


Image of the HEARTSTEEL Sett skin in League, scheduled for patch 13.22
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


Image of the HEARTSTEEL Aphelios skin in League, scheduled for patch 13.22
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


Artwork not yet released.

Each HEARTSTEEL champion represents an artist

Each League Boy Band champion represents a different artist. Ezreal is the most famous of them, as he has the voice of BAEKHYUN, do EXO. See which artists lend their voices to the characters:

  • Baekhyun (Ezreal)
  • ØZI (Set)
  • Tobi Lou (K’Sante)
  • Cal Scruby (Forest)

Aphelios is an instrumentalist and composer, while Again is the group’s producer.

HEARTSTEEL is a group of dynamic adventurers who express their individuality and creativity without giving satisfaction to anyone. Their mission is to pave the way to success by following their own rules. The group’s personality and sound draw inspiration from modern musical collectives and a variety of influences from different genres and eras, resulting in a bold and unique identity.

Videos of in-game skins

Videos of the skins in the game have not yet been revealed. As soon as they are published, we will update the post.

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