09 Nov 2023

See possible changes to the mid lane for 2024

It is nothing new that the Riot Games will make changes to League for the next season. As usual, developers are always preparing changes, whether in items, maps and even gameplay.

This time, the company will bring some changes to Summoner’s Rift, especially in some aspects of the map, such as the baron’s lair and now a supposed adjust the middle lane.

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Other mid lane changes

The first changes revealed are to the lane walls, those very close to the tower. In the video, the route will have more space, with fewer walls around it, which will provide more movement and some windows for the players.

Check out the change below!

Changes to the baron’s lair and other map changes

A few weeks ago, Riot Games’ plans for the map were also revealed and shown. A mid lane would have even more changes, now in the central part, where there are two river entrances. Furthermore, the baron’s lair would cease to exist, at least until his birth from 20 minutes onwards.

It is worth noting that these changes are just initial tests and may not reach the game.

Reproduction/Riot Games
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