13 Nov 2023

Community maps (WORKSHOP) in CS2: how to play

One thing everyone was missing was the community maps in CS2also called Workshop Maps. Since the game was released, all players have asked for the workshop, where the maps are downloaded, to return.

It took a while, but Valve finally launched the Workshop on November 2nd. With this, the More Esports prepared this tutorial how to play Community Maps no CS2.

What are community maps in CS2?

The name “community maps” says it all. These are maps made by people who don’t work on Valve’s development team.

There have been cases of maps from the Counter Strike workshop becoming official for the game, as happened with Cache, for example, it was created by two Counter-Strike players and then integrated into the competitive rotation.

Why play Workshop Maps?

Many community maps are created for specific purposes. For example, some of the most famous serve for aiming and movement training, or even warming up.

Aim Botz, one of the most famous training maps in CS (Image: Reproduction/Valve)

There are also many fun maps to play, with unique challenges that don’t necessarily involve shooting bullets. Additionally, the community brings classic maps from old versions of CS which are not available in CS2 such as Mirage from CS:GO, Dust2 from CS 1.6 and the iconic fy_pool_day, a craze in internet cafes at the beginning of the century.

Pool Day map in the CS2 workshop (Image: Reproduction/Valve)

Furthermore, it is a great choice when the internet is not working, but the player wants to play Counter-Strike. In this case, you will have to play with bots.

How to Play Community Maps in CS2

It’s now easier to download and play community maps in CS2. Below, see step by step how to do this:

Step 1: Go to the CS2 page in your Steam library;

how to play cs2 community maps
Photo: Reproduction

Step 2: Click on the tab “Office”;

Photo: Reproduction

Step 3: Click on the tab “To browse”;

how to play cs2 community maps
Photo: Reproduction

Step 4: Click in “Maps”;

Photo: Reproduction

Step 5: See the maps and click on the one you prefer;

Photo: Reproduction

Step 6: Click in “Sign up”;

Photo: Reproduction

Step 7: Open CS2, click “To play” and then and “Maps of the Office”;

how to play cs2 community maps
Photo: Reproduction

Step 8: Select your map and click “OK” to play.

What are the best workshop maps in CS2?

The most famous and recommended map is Aim Botz, which is used to train Aim in CS2. However, there are several other maps that players love:

  • Aim Botz: Aim training map where players can practice shooting at static or moving bots.
  • Crashz Crosshair Generator: Allows players to quickly customize and test different aiming styles.
  • Surf_Rebel_Resistance CS2: Map to practice surfing skill, sliding on ramps and obstacles.
  • Bhop_Water: Map focused on training bunny hop, a movement technique that increases the player’s speed.
  • De_Dust2_Classic CS 1.6 Edition: A recreation of the classic de_dust2 map from Counter-Strike 1.6.
  • GG Predict training hub: Training map focusing on spray control and warm-up, similar to that found in VALORANT.
  • Brewery: Wingman map with design and graphics optimized for 2-on-2 matches.
  • Kz Hub: Map designed to improve movement skills such as precise jumps and bunny hopping.
  • CSGOHub by ESLGaming: 5-in-1 practice map that includes aim, prefire, surf, KZ and bhop training.
  • coop_mission_rage by CTX: Cooperative map that includes puzzles, platforms, waves of enemies and treasure hunting.
  • crashz’ Viewmodel Generator: Map that makes it easy to customize the player’s view model with professional preset options.
  • Prefire Practice Maps: Maps designed to practice prefire shooting, where players shoot in common locations before an enemy appears.
  • Yprac Practice Maps: A series of maps offering a variety of training exercises, including pre-fire, reflexes and map strategies.

Now that you know the best maps in the CS2 workshop, just download and enjoy!

CS2 game image
(Image: Reproduction/valve)

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