12 Dec 2023

Sentinels beat Paper Rex and become AfreecaTV champions

After achieving its tenth consecutive victory in the OFF//SEASON season, the Sentinels achieved his first international victory in VALUING, since 2021 when winning Paper Rex 3-0 in the AfreecaTV grand final. In a rematch of the first game of the tournament, the result was again the same.

Amidst numerous role changes and the entry of Zellsis in the starting lineup instead of blow, Many raised questions about the decision to TenZ be in the main controller role and place Zellsis in the starting lineup, but the changes seem to have paid off.

After a slow start to the tournament, zekken stood out in the playoffs and led the team in the grand final with 53 kills.

I just want to be better than the player I was yesterday, and I’m striving every day to improve.

How was the game?

Choosing the Split map again, Sentinels impressed for the third time in this tournament. PRX started in Split with Jinggg in the lineup and mindfreak fora do time titular.

The Sentinels used a strong defensive end to finish the half of the game with a 9-3 score in their favor. On the attacking side, Paper Rex tried to make a great comeback, but Sentinels gave no respite, ending with a 13-7 victory.

After losing convincingly at Sunset in their first match with PRX, Sentinels looked to bounce back.

Starting on defense, the first half ended in a 6-6 draw. Showing a huge improvement from the first game, Sacy’s team fought to avoid defeat and won 13-10.

In the third and final map, Breeze, the North American squad went into the break leading 7-5. A strong second half from Sentinels led them to a 13-6 victory and the Grand Final title.

(Photo: Disclosure/Sentinels)

Sentinels in 2024 not VALORANT

With this victory in the Grand Final, Sentinels begin 2024 with high expectations of qualifying for their first Masters since VALORANT Champions 2021. Paper Rex is preparing for a season with Monkey not Jinggg place.

(Photo: Disclosure/Sentinels)
Raquel Ferreira

published in December 10, 2023


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