14 Dec 2023

Starfield will receive many new features in 2024; see details

After releasing a small update for Starfield last Monday (11), Bethesda revealed that it is preparing many new features for the game in 2024. In addition to the already promised official support for mods, the developer promises that will provide the public with “completely new ways to travel”.

In a post on Reddit, a company representative also clarified that adding maps for cities is one of your priorities. “They [os updates] will be offered with a regular cadence of fixes and updates, which we hope to release every six weeks,” the official explained.

Starfield promises constant updates in 2024Source: Disclosure/Bethesda

He also clarified that between these intervals, Starfield may receive some updates with better size. However, any initiative in this regard will only be made if Bethesda considers it to be safe. “We take a lot of time to test even the smallest changes in such a large and dynamic game,” explained the representative.

Starfield is slowly receiving updates

Launched in September this year, the special exploration RPG brought the public an immense universe and hundreds of different missions. At the same time, it also had several bugs and issues that the developer has been fixing at a relatively slow pace. It was only November this year that it received official support for DLSS 3 on the PC, for example.

Modders have been fixing a lot of Starfield issues on their ownSource: Disclosure/Bethesda

Much of Starfield’s fixing and optimization work ended up being taken over by its fan community. The unofficial modifications available for the game include visual improvements, adjustments to its interface and even some features that are still just promises from Bethesda.

Among them is the implementation of the mapping system, mentioned by the company this week. In addition to continuing to correct the game in 2024, the company should also bring its first paid content to stores. Still without a release date, the Expansion Espaço Estilhaçado is already sold as part of the Premium Edition of the RPG.

Starfield game, PC

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