29 Dec 2023

FURIA’s year is marked by disappointments and renewed hope

2023 was an intense year for FURY. From great disappointments and lack of perspective to renewed hope, the Brazilian team did not do well this year. The team accumulated embarrassment in the first half of the year and only began to improve its game at the end of the year, which left fans disappointed.

Here, we will talk about FURIA’s year 2023. Overall, the team did very poorly and had terrible results throughout the year.

Photo: Reproduction/FURIA

The first semester

The year started with great expectations with the best Brazilian team. However, right in the first championship, the first blow. The team was in last place in the IEM Katowice 2023being eliminated after a game against IHC. There, fans had their first taste of what the first semester would be like.

The first six months should be forgotten by the fans and a warning to the team and board. A team with FURIA’s quality should not start the year with the results it achieved. There were eliminations for small teams in the last positions of important championships.

FURIA was unable to play its Counter-Strike in the first semester. In all competitions, early eliminations, taking the RMRa regional and qualifying tournament.

The best placement for arT and company in the first semester was in IEM Rio 2023. In front of their people, with the strength of the fans, FURIA managed to reach the playoffs – a rare moment in the first half of the year. Despite being eliminated in the first game of the finals, this was the team’s best campaign in the first six months of the year.

Photo: Radosław Makuch/HLTV

The second semester

The results were nothing close to what everyone expected. The terrible campaigns put enormous pressure on the Brazilian team. On the part of the board and team, the solution to improve was layoffs drop e saffe. In their places, FalleN e chelo They arrived to raise the level of the team.

Expectation x Reality

FalleN at FURIA was every fan’s dream. For many, FalleN needed to play with the best Brazilians and, with that, the team would take off naturally. The new suit with the quality of True and Chelo brought hope to the fans.

However, not everything happens quickly. Generally, when there are changes in a team, the quintet needs time to build rapport. And at first, the results continued to be poor.

Leaked image from furia com chelo website
Photo: Reproduction/FURIA

In the first seven tournaments (between qualifiers and competitions), the results were the same or worse than those seen in the first half, which led to some distrust among the fans. In just one opportunity in these first games, the team reached the final, but was defeated. At Pinnacle Cup Vthe team lost to 00 Nation in the decision.

From October onwards, the team started to perform better, but there were ups and downs. However, the results came. After the dispute BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown 2023the team began to give concrete hope to the fans, when it reached 3rd-4th place in the tournament.

During that time, the team was champion of the BGS Esports 2023, national LAN competition. This gave morale to the team, which began to perform well in international tournaments. However, after the Brazilian championship at BGS, the team had a sudden drop with 9th-12th in the Thunderpick World Championship 2023.

Difficulties and glory

Already Robert Cup 2023 e PARI Please 2023, the team did well, but failed to reach the final. The team fell in the semi-final and lost the title, which came in the subsequent competition.

Despite all the difficulties faced by FURIA and all the distrust from the press and fans, the team led by FalleN and arT was champion of Elisa Masters Espoo 2023. The championship was held in December, when the Brazilian team reached its peak performance for the year, but at the end of the competitive season.

fury with champion trophy
Photo: Reproduction/HLTV

The title was very important for the Brazilian scene. FalleN and company won a trophy long desired by the fans and this made the fans more excited for the future of the team, which had the next competition ahead, the BetBoom Dacha 2023.

In this last competition of the year, FURIA entered with the desire to win the second championship, which the fans also wanted. However, this was not possible. After winning the Elisa Masters Espoo 2023, expectations were high for another good performance, which did not happen. The Brazilian team was eliminated in the group stage.

The future

For 2024, the expectation is for even greater evolution on the part of the Brazilian team. After the adaptation period, constant and poor results, the fans expect much better performance than was seen in 2023, a year to forget for FURIA.

Expectations are high, as the team demonstrated quality and evolution in the last competitions of the year. Furthermore, the time spent in pre-season and bootcamps before the competition starts again leads fans to believe in good work on the part of the players and staff and, consequently, in better results in international competitions against big teams.

There is certainly no way to be sure what will happen with FURIA, however, the latest performances demonstrate a slow but steady evolution. This gives fans renewed hope with another season ahead. It remains to be seen whether the team will respond and do things differently.


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