13 Jan 2024

League will always have games on the current patch and less waiting time

A LCS 2024 1st split starts on January 20th and will feature several new features to make the league broadcast more attractive and the championship better for players. The main one is that now the The tournament will always take place on the current patch LoL is on.

LCS 2024 will always be played on the current League patch

Generally, competitive LoL leagues are played on “delayed” patches, compared to the game’s official server. This practice aims to give players time to adapt to monthly changes, however, it leads to other problems:

  • Players need to play soloQ on a different patch than they play in the championship;
  • Training always needs to be done on the training server;
  • When there are very big changes, players become outdated playing on an old patch;

The LCS then decided to adopt the current patch as the standard for the championship. This means that whenever patches in League change, they will change at the same time in the championship.

Initially, this change will only be applied during the regular stage of the competition.

We want to become the league that fans will watch to see what impact the new changes have on League, and we will closely monitor the impact of bringing the current patch to LCS players

Furthermore, the training server will continue to be useful, receiving LoL updates in advance, just like on the PBE. This way, players and teams can still have extra time to practice new picks, builds, etc.

(Image: Reproduction/Riot)

Accelerated transmission

Another new feature is that now the transmission will be faster and the waiting time between one match and another will be cut in half. Mark Zimmerman, head of the LCS, commented that people generally watch games until the Nexus explodes and then only come back at the start of the next game, in addition to the fact that the community itself has complained for years about the waiting time between one game or another.

To halve the wait time between matches, Picks and Bans selections will be made in advance (during the previous game) in the training room and recorded for viewing on the LCS broadcast while players prepare their peripherals and perform technical tests on stage PCs.

Our hope is that this process will make the transition between each game faster and more fluid.

Just like the server change, this will also only be for the LCS Regular Phase.

Other changes in LCS 2024

Riot will maintain the analysts and presenters and will continue to create special frames for the broadcast. The LCS will have a longer calendar, with the final closer to the start of MSI 2024, scheduled for May 1st. The competition will take a two-week break to align with the VCT calendar, and all games will be on weekends.

Furthermore, the league wants to work closer to the community with interactions on Twitch, polls, question and answer posts and other actions to always make the broadcast more dynamic and fun.

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(Photo: Riot Games)


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