17 Jan 2024

“Experience counts a lot to win the CBLOL” – Yampi about INTZ 2024

O CBLOL 2024 starts soon and the More Esports will feature a series of interviews with players from each team. The first of them is the Yampi – the Jungler of INTZ and a player who increasingly emulates the role of captain in the CBLOL.

Stay Closer

To bring the community even closer together, I would like to tell you a little more about the tone of the interview. Yampi He’s a nice guy, good people. Despite being a captain, he does not opt ​​for arrogance. As he himself told me, he can only be a semi-annoying guy. The interview was in a light tone, even with some jokes, so: read it lightly.

Yampi and I, in one of the many laughs during the interview/Photo: Mais Esports

The face of INTZ: experience

In my opinion, experience is something that counts a lot to win the CBLOL.

INTZ made a choice for 2024: mature the team. Bringing players like Tay (Top) e Damage (Support), and during the interview, I asked: Why did INTZ choose the experience?

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LOUD is an example of why experience is a difference: the guys have, by average age, one of the oldest teams in the CBLOL. They are hard-bodied and always prepared
for different game situations.

And the player makes a point of highlighting that mechanics are not everything, and the same example serves this purpose:

In my opinion, the Robot is no longer known for its mechanics, for example. Tin also, every now and then, makes a mechanical faux pas. Obviously the guys aren’t bad, but they’re no longer the prime mechanic like a Guigo or FNB. Instead of the verduxa duo solving games based on mechanics, they solve them based on knowledge. And it is on this opening that we based this year’s cast.

Yampi exemplifies that in 2023, for example, INTZ won several games in individual mechanics. According to the INTZ 2024 Jungler, the ZZK (Top) played “to death” on Top, he (Yampi) was there to cover, and when they killed they had an opening to work with.

Now, in the player example, with the Tay is different:

It’s different with Tay, he adds a lot to the draft, he plays very focused on waves and knowledge. This key to wisdom helps a lot from the draft onwards, because with wisdom we know who will have to be sacrificed in the draft, for example, or know how to deal with surprise situations.

The player also says that the Tay is the right guy to be annoying when you need it, and what your (Yampi) “semi-boring” way of being, he let a lot of things go by. Going back to talking about experience, Yampi further adds:

For me, in LoL, you will be caught off guard at some point. And that’s where experience comes in. If you manage to get around the situation and turn things around, you win the game. In my opinion, this will be our look. If we are behind, we calm down the game to prepare for a comeback. If we are ahead, we will know how to close. This is the LoL experience.

A step back: what are the lessons of 2023

We quote the ZZK, and if we are going to talk about INTZ 2024, we have to talk about INTZ 2023 – more specifically – in its second split. Or rather, his best split in the franchise era. What is this evolution due to? Yampi? – I asked.

We sought to understand our strengths and weaknesses, for example: talking about myself, I realized where we failed in understanding the macro. When the guys didn’t know where to look on the map, I was the one who drew attention and took on this responsibility, individually, for us to control our vision, which wave we were going to fight in or which wave we were going to respect on the map. This was my strong point and a weak point of that line, and when we reevaluated this, the improvement came.

And in relation to the evolution that the fan can project, Yampi Again cites experience and solid macro. This solidity will come from the active voices of Tay e Damage, according to the player. Even so, Yampi triggers an alert:

The only problem we cannot commit is to get lost on this path, to surrender to our strong opinions and want to butt heads over anything, or not wanting to follow Aoshi’s opinion. But I think that if we follow his (Aoshi) vision, and stay on the same page, we can get to the play-offs smoothly. Especially in this meta, which is a “samba of objectives”.

In the photo, INTZ technician, Aoshi
(Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr)

Who will be Yampi in 2024

Because of the meta, Yampi It looks like he’s going to be happier, and he even joked:

This year we will invent: will it be crazy or genius

With laughter, Yampi was positively looking forward to this meta. Yampi believes that, unlike recent years, he will be more open to the Junglers.

I found this meta, of jungle plus support, strange. It was just a front-line or deception, it lacked that brilliance of the jungle having openings to get some picks, but in this patch it’s much better! There was Brand popping up at the soloqueue, I saw a lot of Taliyah at the LEC inhouse, and I think even Elise is coming back, and this one has history!

Oh yes, huh?! Out of curiosity, the Yampi He has 11 career games with the champion and an 88% victory rate. And if the subject is Jungler AP, we have the Rumble his too, with 100% victory in 4 games. Will we see any of these?

What can fans expect?

In the photo, the intrepid fans (INTZ)
Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

When we talk about INTZ, we talk about fans. Five-time champion, hopeful, who yearns for more. Yampiwas categorical in his response, check it out:

I would like to ask the fans to calm their hearts. We are being labeled an underdog, as it was in the past. Personally, I think we are being
even unfairly taxed and this includes not only the players, but staff and fans as well. It even seems that if we all represented another shield, they would respect us more.

But this negativity doesn’t affect us, it’s never been easy for INTZ Pride. We’re focusing on this vibe, which is good and sincerely: reminding me a lot of INTZ from 2020.

And talking about himself, the player ends by saying:

I feel like I’m in the right mindset on how to evolve, on how to be the most active guy, after all I know I made some mistakes last year. Mathematically speaking?
There’s no way it can go wrong…if it goes wrong, it’s math’s fault. It will work out, fans!

Yampi concludes, between smiles and confidence, confidence in a more experienced INTZ.

In the photo Yampi, jungler from INTZ
Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

INTZ debuts at CBLOL 2024

A INTZ will debut in the tournament against Liberty in the fourth game of the day. Follow complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 1° split with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports.


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