17 Jan 2024

New Devil May Cry for cell phones charges up to R$500 for Vergil and generates controversy

Known and revered by a legion of fans, the franchise Devil May Cry made his name in the PS2 era and marked his time as one of the hack ‘n’ slash most important of all time. The last game in the saga arrived on consoles in 2019 and brought many exciting revelations. The most recent title goes against the traditional and was launched for smartphones with iOS and Android systems last Wednesday (10).

Developed by Chinese studio NebulaJoy, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is the adaptation of Capcom’s iconic action game franchise for mobile devices and brought all the stylized action characteristic of the series to cell phones. The game, which arrived in China in 2021, is now available for free download in the West — both on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Conheça Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat transports players to the universe of the famous franchise DMC. The game’s story maintains the series’ tradition and focuses on the conflicts between demon hunters Dante and Vergil — as well as other underworld forces.

The plot unfolds in a world where demonic forces threaten the stability of the universe. Dante, the protagonist, once again takes on the mission of facing the creatures of hell, unraveling dark mysteries and, of course, showing off while fighting — something very characteristic of the character since the beginning of the franchise.

DMC: Peak of Combat has very fun gameplay.Fonte:  NebulaJoy

With ok graphics for the average cell phone game and agile combat mechanics, players can expect to experience the intense combat that made the franchise famous in the past, this time on cell phones. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat it also allows fans to perform stylish combos and utilize the special abilities of four iconic characters from the saga: Dante, Vergil, Lady and Nero.

All in all, the campaign is a pretty fun experience, considering the platform you’re playing on. Of course, it’s very different from a game released for consoles, for example — but it still holds up and is satisfactory in its proposal, although it’s not all rosy when it comes to progression.

The devil cries (and so does the wallet)

The real problem of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat It is a game that relies heavily on gacha — the type of game where you will basically have to spend real money to progress without major difficulties, both in the campaign and in other game modes, such as PvP.

Prices to purchase Devil Gems in the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat store.Fonte:  NebulaJoy

Every type of attribute, weapon or character needs to be upgraded with Devil Gems, consumables that cost a lot to the player’s pocket. Honestly, it’s a mess of texts without much explanation — a veritable maze designed to separate you from your money.

In PvP, for example, practice ends up becoming a pay to win (pay to win), creating an unfair advantage over opponents. In short: the more money invested, the easier it is to triumph to guarantee a good position in the game’s ranking. Not to mention other technical problems, such as extremely high ping and delays in finding matches on South American servers.

There are packages that cost up to R$500 to unlock Vergil in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.There are packages that cost up to R$500 to unlock Vergil in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.Fonte: NabulaJoy

The only way to unlock Vergil, for example, is through the gacha system, which guarantees some invocations of him for the player during gameplay — in Brazil, in fact, a character pack can cost up to R$500, although there are other options more viable. Of course, you can even test it at some point in the gameplay, but to have it on the list, just buy it. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat é free-to-play — but not so much.

Supposed controversies involving the behind-the-scenes of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

In an extensive text published on Reddit, a former moderator of the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat on Discord reported some problems involving NebulaJoy’s decision-making. He was even dismissed from his role simply for saying that “the game’s current combat system is bad compared to the old one” (on consoles, in this case).

Based on a series of screenshots of interactions with developers, the profile “Routine-Rice-6597”, a former moderator who worked for four months on the game’s Discord, explains that the Chinese studio maintains a toxic relationship with its employees. Furthermore, he was also allegedly using the work of content creators to promote the game without giving due credit.

Trecho de gameplay de Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.Trecho de gameplay de Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.Fonte:  NebulaJoy

Even the studio’s community manager is mentioned in the text, where he allegedly stated that “NebulaJoy has a terrible reputation in China for the way it treats and exploits employees.”

“NebulaJoy is an exploitative, abusive, scamming and lying company that treats its employees like trash and then fires them for no reason,” reported the former moderator. “Their only intention is to come out on top, which is why they mod the game so that more casual people will play and spend money on their super expensive gacha mechanic. They’re not interested in reading your feedback or changing the combat because that would make them lose money — and they would rather be hated than not make money,” he concluded.

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