15 Feb 2024

Who should carry Spike on the team? Community discusses

A spike it’s the bomb VALUING that needs to be planted or defused in rounds. Furthermore, there are still many discussions about which agent should plant the spike.

VALORANT Spike (Disclosure/Riot Games)

In VALORANT there are different roles for each agent, just as duelists are used to enter the bombsite and sentries are used to gain other spaces, there is a discussion of who needs to carry the spike and plant it.

In a debate on Reddit, a user posed the question of who should take the spike and also stated that if there is a Gekko In the team, he must carry the bomb, as he can plant with his skill.

Who should take spike?
byu/Stches_ inVALORANT

(Photo: Riot Games)

One user stated that initiators are the players who can lead to the spike.

Initiators, maybe Sage if she’s on the team. Also worry if someone is out of ult.

Furthermore, another player stated that obviously duelists should not perform this role.

Neither your duelists nor your sentries. Anyone else is fine.

Finally, a user explained situations and who can plant in each case.

Duelists and Initiators occupy and maintain space. Normally the controllers are busy, but after making the smokes, they can plant.

Ideally, sentinels should maintain the lurker; if their skill is covered, they can also plant.

Controllers and Sentinels must be the planters. (Gekko is a special case) But initiators can also do planting if they exhaust their abilities to cover the planter or duelists during fights.

Although it may seem like choosing a specific person to sike isn’t that important, it’s a more important job than you might think.

This point has to do with the role that each agent in its composition plays. Therefore, it is important to think about who is most likely to not die when entering the bomb site.

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