20 Feb 2024

Who is Toucouille? Discover the player’s story

Loic “toucouille” Dubois is the current Mid and Procuracy, but maybe just saying that is summarizing it too much. Tutuco, as it has been popularly called here in Brazil, has a long history on the music scene. LoL.

For which teams has Toucouille played?

Toucouille started in the French team Beyond The Riftsince then, it has only been French teams: Made In France, Supremacy, Izi Dream, GamersOrigin e GameWardthe latter of which even earned him the title of best LGL player in 2021.

In 2022, Tutuco’s destiny was a major region! The mid-laner played in FlyQuest, of the LCS, and stayed there for two splits, and although he even reached the playoffs, his best result was 5th and 6th place.

Toucouille at the time of Flyquest: Reproduction/Riot Games

After this trajectory, Toucouille returned to work in France, this time in Team Goand won the French Cup 2023. At the end of the year he left the team and was announced as the new signing of the Brazilian team I live Keyd Stars.

Toucouille has the disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Toucouille has a hereditary disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta type III, in which sufferers of this type have short stature, curvature of the spine and multiple recurrent fractures.

The player even told more about his relationship with the disease in the documentary Shattered (Shattered, in direct translation), during his time as a Flyquest player, check it out:

I wondered if I would be able to live like the other people around me

The player vents in the documentary, saying how he thought when he started breaking his joints multiple times, as a result of the disease.

During the documentary there are medical explanations and deep and intimate outbursts from Toucouille about his relationship with the disease and family. The documentary also features some reports from LCS narrators.

Why is Toucouille so famous in Brazil?

Charisma and skill define the player. Arriving as one of the good imports of the season, Tutuco first won over everyone with his gameplay, but then his ease in making memes – and adapting to them – won over the Brazilian!

Community meme about Azir from Toucouille. Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Along with that, there were some great and curious episodes, such as the fact that the influencer and comedian Whindersson Nuneswho has 27 million followers on Twitter, shared a video praising the fact that the mid laner is learning Portuguese:

Furthermore, other episodes of Toucouille with the Keyd community and fans gave the mid laner the public spotlight, even rival fans at CBLOL 2024! See some occasions:

How long does Toucouille stay in Brazil?

According to Toucouille’s current contract with Vivo Keyd Stars, the player will remain in Brazil until the day November 17, 2025.

However, if it depends on the Brazilian fans, the mid laner will stay here forever, just as it was with his fellow countryman Dioud.

In the photo is Toucouille and his iconic CBLOL cushion
In the photo is Toucouille and his iconic CBLOL pillow Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr


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