27 Feb 2024

In “law of the ex”, LOUD wins and qualifies for the playoffs

A LOUD qualified for the playoffs VCT KICKOFF Americas this Friday (23) after winning the Leviathan2 to 1. In a meeting between former teammates, the team prevailed and managed to qualify for the playoffs.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

LOUD x Leviatan


The series started with Bind, Leviatán’s choice, who started better and won the pistol. LOUD did not enter the game and the Argentine team opened 8-1. The Brazilian team tried to get back into the game, but the team led by kiNgg did better and went to the break, for 9-3.

When changing sides, LOUD managed to take the pistol and touch the scoreboard, for 8-9. With a coordinated defense, Leviatán continued forward and closed the map of choice, for 13-11.


In the second map, the Brazilians started better and won the pistol, but it didn’t take long for Leviatán to enter the game and tie the series, for 2-2. However, the game remained balanced and the first half ended in a draw, for 6-6.

When changing sides, LOUD advanced, but Leviatán didn’t take long to look for a game and tied, for 9-9. A Leviathan looked for a game, but Saadhak joined the executioner and closed it, for 13-10.


With the series tied, LOUD won the pistol and opened 4-0. Aspas was unable to fit and the qck closed the first half, for 9-3. When changing sides, the Brazilian team did not open spaces for their opponents and closed the map, for 13-7.


With the victory, LOUD is the second team to qualify for the playoffs and is closer to Masters Madrid, Earlier, NRG beat Cloud9 in Group A.

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(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira

published in February 24, 2024


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