05 Mar 2024

Community says it’s frustrating to face Karma AP

A community of LoL once again crowned one of the most frustrating champions to face, and this time the chosen one was Karma AP. Check out the community’s outburst about the champion.

Community says it’s frustrating to face Karma AP

It all started on Reddit, where a user commented how much fun the champion doesn’t have and doesn’t require any skill to do anything. Check out the player’s comment:

Karma mid does more damage than most other mages without the need to have any mechanics, she has a strong early game and scales well for the rest of the game, she can go multiple lanes, her R+Q costs little mana, she has little time to Recharge, it’s hard to miss, slows you down by 50%, deals a lot of area damage and that’s not counting the Malevolence explosion. Honestly, she doesn’t have a bad matchup, 10% pick rate, 25% ban rate, and no nerfs scheduled for patch 14.5.

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Another player reinforces how difficult it is to play against the champion:

I will never understand how to play against Karma. Dodging R+Q seems almost impossible, because it detonates at maximum range. Killing her when she uses R+W and E is just ridiculous, given the amount of healing and shield she gains.

Another user says that the problem may be with Karma’s core item, Malevolence:

Karma is very strong, but I think Malevolence is bizarre and impossible to balance. It’s pretty stolen that 10% of champions benefit so much from an item and the other 90% are mediocre. This item will eventually be nerfed and I guarantee most champions will stop building it.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

There were also users who disagreed with a specific point in the main complaint, check it out:

She’s really annoying, you always have to try to hit her out of her reach – which is very difficult – and clear the waves first. But honestly, it doesn’t scale that well, the more time you spend in the game it gets weaker.

For the photo, and Karma for the Karma Tradicional skin
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

A fan mocks the debate author’s exaggerated complaint:

Most of the debates are: X champion is bizarre, impossible to balance and needs rework. All items and runes that the champion needs leave the game. There’s no way to play against him, playing against this champion is very frustrating. And most of the time this X champion is just any dummy that isn’t trash in the current meta. Karma is strong, but relax there too, guys.

And particularly, I agree with the last comment, Karma today is a balanced champion within her proposal: she is strong, but she is completely vulnerable in the later game. You have to be smart against it and always look for a way to shorten the distance.

In the photo, in Karma I skin Karma Sakura
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games


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