22 Mar 2024

“It could take a few years” says Riot Co-CEO about Riot’s MMO

It has always been a desire of the community to MMO and Riot about Runeterrathe world where the extensive history of LoLand the Co-CEO from the company (Riot Tryndamere), communicated again about the project. Rioter stated that the game is in developmentbut it will still take more time for release, perhaps years.

Official art of Udyr in Legends of Runeterra (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Riot’s MMO remains in Riot’s plans

After the dismissal of several Riot employees earlier this year and the closure of Riot Forge, the studio responsible for Riot’s complementary games, Riot’s MMO project was expected to go into limbo. However, Riot Tryndamere brought some news, check out the note:

Hello everyone – We know many of you are excited for news about Riot Games’ MMO project and we really appreciate your patience and the incredible support you’ve shown us so far. I’m writing to update you today on where we are. And before anyone panics: yes, we are still working on the game.

After much reflection and discussion, we decided to redefine the direction of the project some time ago. This decision was not easy, but it was necessary. The initial vision simply wasn’t different enough from what you can play today.

In the photo, Riot Tryndamere (Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Riot’s MMO seeks originality within the genre

Within the Riot Tryndamere explanation, the Co-CEO makes it clear that the reason for restarting the project was due to the intention of seeking greater originality within the MMO genre. Check out the excerpt from the note that cites this justification:

We don’t think you all want an MMO you’ve played before with a Runeterra overlay; To truly do justice to Runeterra’s potential and meet the incredibly high expectations of players around the world, we need to make something that truly feels like a meaningful evolution of the genre.

This is a huge challenge, but one our team of deeply passionate MMO players and game development veterans is incredibly motivated to pursue.

Riot’s new direction

The Co-CEO stated that the MMO’s Executive Producer will be Fabrice Condominasproducer of the title Mass Effect: Andromedayes BioWare. Fabrice has experience in large projects in EA and in itself Riotinside Legends of Runeterra. According to Riot Tryndamere, Fabrice’s passion for creating immersive worlds is extraordinary.

MMO may take (more) years to get off the ground

Rioter concluded the note by saying that the change in direction and path of the project could bring more years of darkness over the development and production of Riot’s MMO. Check the note:

Restarting our development path also means that we will be “in the dark” for a long time – probably several years. This silence will help give the team space to focus on the incredible amount of work ahead. We understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding new information, but we ask for your trust during this silent phase.

Imagem: Riot Games


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