30 Mar 2024

VCS 2024 playoff calendar released

If you thought Vietnam would lose its place in the MSI 2024you can rest assured (or not): the Riot announced how the playoffs will work VCS 2024. The competition will start on the day April 3with just four teams.

How the VCS 2024 playoffs will happen

According to a statement from Riot, the competition will be held at an “earlier” date in order to allow teams to replace their squads if they have had players suspended.

The classified teams were the four best placed after week 7. The format will be double elimination, with a lower bracket for the losers of the first two matches. As the leader after week 7, the Team Secret You have the right to choose your opponent, check out how the brackets will work below:

Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

All teams classified for VCS 2024 had players suspended

Within the suspension of more than 30 people in the league, all playoff teams had players involved. Viking Esports had the most players suspended. Check the list of suspended teams in the playoffs:

  • Team Secret (1st place): Eddie (ADC) and Qiang (Jungler)
  • GAM Esports (2nd place): Blazes (Mid) and Pyshiro (ADC)
  • Team Whales (3rd place): BeanJ (Jungler) and Gloryy (Mid)
  • Vikings Esports (4º lugar): Kratos (Top), Gury (Jungler), Bun (Support/Reserva) e Kairi (Support).

If there are playoffs, there is a place in the VCS!

As many doubted with the bans, the VCS will continue with its place at MSI 2024 and will have a representative, decided in these playoffs and with practically revamped teams.

In the photo, the last VCS representative on the international stage
Photo: Reproduction/LoL Esports Flickr
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