02 Apr 2024

LOUD Tinowns died just 7 times in the last 11 games

Tinownsmid laner there LOUDhas become a player who challenges the death (and the tempo). The player just died 7 times we last 11 games and in their last series against RED, they were just 2 deaths em 3 games.

Photo: Reproduction/LoL Esports Flickr

LOUD Tinowns: the death-defying gamer

In the last 11 games, Tinowns have won a total of 54 kills, which gives an average of almost 5 kills per game and in assists the number grows even more: 90, an average of just over 8 assists per game. One 54/7/90 It’s a surreal KDA!

Cinema placement

Tinowns is really standing out due to its positioning, where it can deal damage and not get hit. A number that can give us this indication is: 21 games of CBLOL 2024Tin didn’t die anymore than 3 times em none match. Of these 21 games, in nine the LOUD mid-laner did not die once.

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Tinowns: time challenger and record accumulator

The LOUD midlaner is already the mid laner with the most titles in the history of CBLOL, since the beginning of the Franchise Era, 6 splits have been played and Tinowns were champions in 4 of these stages. The player is the current three-time consecutive CBLOL champion, another unprecedented feat.

At the moment, according to the statistics website Leaguepedia, there are only 10 kills for Tin to get 2.000 kills in your career!

They are 10 years career and the meaning of the word “regularity” is confused with what it means “Tinowns” within CBLOL!

LOUD Tinowns
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
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published in April 1, 2024


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