11 Apr 2024

Discover the new build of Malphite Mid that appeared in Korea

Um play Malphite Mid Korean created a very specific build that allows you to get a lot of gold and speed up the game! Let’s understand how this will be viable for you to earn PDL in LoL.

First Strike Korean Malphite Mid

Well, the build’s greatest asset starts with the runes: First Attackcheck out the runes:

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

The rune already gives away a bit of the gameplay: the intention is to get gold safely, that’s why the Troop Pulverizer. In secondary, the Ultimate Hunt It’s ideal too, but we’ll talk more about the power of this rune in the items.


Something very specific to the build is how you want to start the build: Sapphire Crystal it’s two Health Potions. At the beginning levels you don’t want to do anything, just get gold with Q/First Attack. The ideal is to get the Lost Chapter early!

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Your first spike is the Malevolence. The item will change your entire gameplay, and the second spike is the Lich’s Bane, which will give you enough DPS to kill most targets. Check out the complete itemization:

Na foto, a build completa do Malphite Mid Coreano
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

If the opposing team doesn’t have that much Magic Resistance, you can change the Cryptoflora by Zhonya’s Hourglass.

Korean Malphite Mid Gameplay

How to play is a bit of what has already been mentioned: you don’t want to do anything until you reach level 6. With that in mind, you go from Ghost e Teleport, thus aiming to be able to go to base more often if you run out of mana or life. It’s not a good option to grant many kills to your opponent, so be a coward!

Another more “cowardly” attitude that helps a lot is to use the Troop Pulverizer on melee troops or on the Cannon/Catapult minion if the enemy wave hits the tower.

Level 6, Stone Missile time!

From level 6 onwards, you no longer care: if you have First Attack, you will insult on the opponent, use the Qone basic attack and immediately use the W (cancels the animation) and then use the E. Here some things will make more sense.

That’s why you’ll opt for Malevolence let’s do it Ultimate Hunt: you want to go directly. O Malevolence It still helps, since as you slow down right after lifting your opponent, you still deal extra damage.

Don’t miss a move with the Korean Malphite Mid

During the lane phase, it’s also not a bad idea to stop farming to go bot with your jungler and/or when you know that the ADC or Support doesn’t have flash. A hint: Sometimes, if you focus on Support it will be easier to get a kill, especially if it is a lot of paper.

What if I can’t roam?

If you can’t get out of lane much due to pressure, a tip is to ult when the enemy is close to your opponents. minions maguinhos. Your ult + E will kill them for sure, and then the opponent is the one who takes the shots from the tower.

Easy, fast, efficient and you get a lot of gold. This is the Korean Malphite Mid. See more of the gameplay here below:


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