18 Apr 2024

Traditional for a reason, another paiN Gaming final

In the era of franchising, paiN Gaming stayed in the finals like no other team did. A paiN is already the team that participated most in finalsbut keeping the focus on the Era of Franchises, Tradicional was almost all finals.

paiN Gaming: Era of Franchises

Since the beginning of the Franchise Era, in 2021were disputed 7 finals and in these, paiN Gaming was present in 6 opportunitiesguaranteeing at least the top 2. Check out each final so far:

  • 2021, 1st split: paiN Gaming contra Vorax (paiN Gaming campeã)
  • 2021, 2º split: RED Canids contra Rensga (RED Canids campeã)
  • 2022, 1st split: RED Canids vs. paiN Gaming (RED Canids campeã)
  • 2022, 2nd split: LOUD vs. paiN Gaming (LOUD champion)
  • 2023, 1st split: LOUD against paiN Gaming (LOUD champion)
  • 2023, 2nd split: LOUD vs. paiN Gaming (LOUD champion)
paiN is Brazil at MSI 2021 (Photo: Riot Games)

A new opportunity for paiN Gaming

Once again qualified for the finals, paiN Gaming has the pen and paper to rewrite its history in the CBLOL books. The jungler of the Traditional team, Cario, said that he does not believe that this final will be like the others. The player was on the 2021 squad that lifted the Cup for the last time for the organization.

(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL Flickr)

Trying to forget what your ex misses

paiN Gaming has a very problematic relationship with an ex who made her very happy: BrTT. The former Tradicional shooter was in all three of the organization’s titles, but the team had been in 11 finals so far and the stigma remained: without the TT, paiN cannot win.

paiN brTt - MSI 2021
Reproduction/Riot Games

CBLOL 2024 Grand Final

A CBLOL 2024 Grand Final happens on this day April 20thto the 13 hours. The team that is victorious in the series will not only conquer Brazil, but will also have the responsibility of representing CBLOL on the international stage of the MSI 2024which will take place in China!

The CBLOL champion will face an LPL or LCK team in the tournament.

In the photo, a twist of paiN Gaming
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
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